‘New Amsterdam’ 1×05 Review: Cavitation

Ah, this week touched on some real society issues and it was hard to watch (not because of the quality,  but because of the subject matter). But if Max taught me anything, it’s that the political drama or societal drama are not the story. New Amsterdam did a great job handling a very complicated subject matter (not just with the main plot), and I once again still managed to leave with hope, which seems to be the overarching theme for this show.

On a lighter note, there was no sight of Georgia this week which is great for those of us (ME!) who ship Max and Helen. The Sharpwin chemistry wasn’t as heavy as usual, but that’s simply because the episode was too heavy for it. It would have looked tasteless to have them at their normal level with all the terrible things going on.

Let me break this episode down…

Police Shooting

As I mentioned, this episode dealt with some serious subject matter. Two kids were hit by one bullet in a wrongful police shooting. I was impressed with the show’s ability to use Max to continue to bring the focus away from the politics and back to the kids and their families. Max couldn’t take a side because either option would have left the hospital vulnerable in some way, and his primary focus is patient care.

I already loved Max but this week made that love even stronger. He took one of the victim’s brothers under his wing, even getting punched in the face. Max was there for this kid, who he doesn’t even know, and it was so touching. His brother ended up dying while the other kid survived and the show didn’t go into the details of the shooting so I will never know what really happened. And that was the point, the people mattered more then the politics.


Children and Lack Thereof

Kapoor reached out to his estranged son a few episodes ago with no response but this week, the son showed up. I had a hard time watching their scene because I don’t know enough about Kapoor and his history with his son. I didn’t know which one to feel bad for, because I don’t have the necessary backstory. Maybe Kapoor isn’t a great guy. I hope the show will give us a little more on this story.

Helen went to her doctor to find out if she can have a baby because she feels like she’s ready for one. Her chances aren’t great and I cried with her as she got the news. Freema Agyeman did such a great job with this episode and the emotions her character was going through. I understood her later doubt about having a child after all the terrible things she saw with the shooting. But in the end, she still wants a baby. Max called her desire hope and then they hugged which killed my shipping heart. I loved everything about Helen’s story and just can’t get over how phenomenal Agyeman is.

Favorite Scene

The hug! How could I pick anything else? I have been waiting for these two to touch in some way since episode one and the moment was even better then I could have imagined. It wasn’t a sexual moment or an awkward one between co-workers, but a truly tender one, filled with care. My ship is going to set sail, I can feel it. Their relationship may have that fiery chemistry but it also has trust and care, which are not bad things to start the foundation of a future with.

Runner Up Scene

Dr. Frome helped one of the shooting victim’s aunts for the episode. His focus was off at first but Max helped him realize that the aunt was his patient too. I absolutely loved watching Iggy let himself be vulnerable to share details of his life with this woman so that she could open up and let go of her own fears. Iggy Frome is an excellent character and he could give Chicago Med’s Dr. Charles a run for his money.

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