‘New Amsterdam’ 1×04 Review: Boundaries

I am pleased to share that this week has delivered yet another excellent episode of New Amsterdam. Max ran into some trouble and didn’t save the day right away, which is refreshing for those who think he’s too perfectly written. It also adds a layer to his character, as we see how he deals with adversity.

I still got major Helen and Max vibes to the point where now I don’t even want to see the wife. Why are they teasing me with Sharpwin when I can’t have my ship? There’s still plenty of season to go, so maybe Georgia can just give Max the baby and disappear? I know, I know, that sounds bad, but the show is leading me there!

Let me dig deeper into ‘Boundaries’…

We Don’t Say No To Anyone

The first patient of the night needed heart surgery (cue Reynolds) but he’s also the only other cardiothoracic surgeon in town, thanks to a conference in San Diego. The pressure is on, especially when Max opens New Amsterdam up to all traumas in the city. Yep, that’s his first misstep in the show’s history so far. Opening the doors leads to pure chaos and a visit from a very angry Dean Fulton.

Max might’ve handled the situation before it got out of hand but he left the hospital to help the homeless. I admire Max for his amazing ability to care for everyone else around him but he needs to care for himself too. He’s about to start chemo with Helen in a few weeks but he’s still going at 100 mph. I hope Max can take Helen’s advice and start saying yes to himself.


Dr. Sharpe Turned Me Into A Puddle Of Tears

Amidst all the insanity, Helen only had one patient, a young girl who’s cancer had returned. The parents didn’t want to tell her anything, because they were trying to protect her, spare her, in a way, but there was no treatment left for the girl. Helen decides to take the hard way and tell her patient about the cancer and what dying might be like in an emotional scene. Earlier she asked Max why he always chooses the hard way for everything. His response: “better view.” My heart broke for Helen, the parents, and the little girl. The performances were spot on, and that’s why we felt what they were feeling.

Teamwork Is the Best Work

Thankfully the writers only let my tears fall for a moment before they picked up the mood, with Helen walking out to the roof to see everyone building a community garden as a team. The doctors learned a lot about teamwork this week, even Dean Fulton when Max pulled him in to work as a doctor again. Dr. Frome was prepared to give up his community garden dreams because of the sponsor but the staff got together and created it.

Teamwork was a theme all the way through the episode. I enjoyed watching Reynolds get over his own training (he wasn’t allowed near the OR) and let his residents help with the cardiac buildup. Bloom left her ‘ibuprofen’ where one of the nurses got it and she confessed that it’s really adderall and she has ADHD. I loved watching these characters learn to lean on each other instead of trying to hold the hospital up on their shoulders. Even Max had to ask for help. My characters are growing so much and we’re only in episode four.

Favorite Scene

The community garden scene was so needed in this episode. I loved seeing all these doctors put aside their egos and their differences to build something wonderful that would improve the lives of their patients. This scene also gave me major Sharpwin feels but I will be patient to see how that chemistry works itself out as the story goes along.

Runner Up Scene

Fulton and Max have a great dynamic in this episode which I just saw hints of last week. Their best moment was their last for this week. Fulton hands his stethoscope to Max grateful for some excitement working in the trenches again. I was waiting for the flipside of Fulton’s comment because that’s just how Ron Rifkin plays his great characters. I got it when he told Max to never do this again. I absolutely love these two and their power struggle mixed with banter. I am hoping for a lot more of this in the future.

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