‘New Amsterdam’ 1×03 Review: Every Last Minute

I am so in love with this show and I can’t get over it! New Amsterdam isn’t filled with drama, but heart instead and I really need a dose of that every week, not to mention some Ryan Eggold. I won’t lie, I’m getting nervous for Chicago Med because I can see myself abandoning it for this excellent program. After all, how many medical shows does one need in their life?

This week was just as good as the previous two episodes, doing a great job once again of not focusing on too many different stories. My only problem, now, is that I’m guilty of shipping Goodwin and Sharpe, even though part of this story is Goodwin’s redemption with his wife. I just can’t help it, Max and Helen have such serious CHEMISTRY! I hope someone else out there feels the same way I do, because I currently think I might be a terrible person for wanting those two together. I want to see some of this on the show!

Morals aside, let me break down this week’s New Amsterdam

Ron Rifkin

Alias alum Ron Rifkin joined the show this week as the Dean Fulton, almost firing Goodwin in the show’s first moments. Luckily, Goodwin talked him out of it, at lease for three to six months. I love Rifkin and think he’ll be a great addition to this series, if he gets to stick around for a while. He plays bad, or at least slimey, so well. This role might give him somewhat of a good guy arc and I am here for that!

Dr. Helen Sharp and Her Career as a Doctor

I shared last week how much I love Freema Agyeman as Dr. Sharpe because of her growth in just two weeks, but she’s not stopping there. She is a qualified oncologist but thanks to her appearances on TV and fancy wardrobe, Helen learns, this week, that she is not credible as a physician anymore. I know that’s not true, even if she’s out of practice, but she needed a reminder. Thankfully, Max showed up just in time to give over his cancer care to her. I am really interested in seeing how Agyeman’s character progresses as the season moves forward.

Putting Patients First


I am fully aware of how unrealistic this show is in terms of real care in hospitals (for the most part), but I would like to believe somewhere, care like this is possible. Max Goodwin and his team promise the almost impossible and somehow manage to deliver. All the characters on New Amsterdam already had this level of care within themselves. But Goodwin brought it out and now, until bureaucracy shuts them down, they’ve made their hospital the place to seek care.

Dr. Frome and Dr. Kapoor – The Bromance of 2018

Last week started the buddy relationship between Dr. Kapoor and Dr. Frome. This week, they got even more time to interact and it was even better. Frome’s patient believed he was invisible so he asked Kapoor for an assist, but at first, only got jokes. Kapoor and Frome work well together because they equal out each other’s characteristics. These two have the making of an epic bromance if things go they way they’ve been heading. Kapoor and Frome are the bromance we deserve and I am so here for it! I am going to dub them Karome.

Favorite Scene

For the first time since I began watching New Amsterdam, my favorite scene is not the intro (even though Ron Rifkin almost made it so). No, the scene that stole my heart came from Dr. Goodwin and the hospital’s guest looking to donate ten million dollars. In a tender moment, Max shows his guest the room where they do kangaroo care. Volunteers hold underweight newborns instead of putting them in incubators for skin to skin contact. One of those babies belongs to a prisoner who didn’t want to lose her baby and Max promised he’d find a way.

After Max explained the program to his guest, he had an idea. He pitched a nursery for Rikers with a kangaroo care program as a great way to donate her money. His idea allows him to come through on his promise while also giving this woman a worthwhile way to donate her money, to something she cares about. It was such a touching moment, it would be hard for it not to be my favorite.

Agree? Disagree? What was your favorite part of this episode? Share with us in the comments below!

Check out New Amsterdam on NBC, Tuesdays 10/9c.

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