‘The Walking Dead’ 9×08: “Evolution” of the Walkers

We say goodbye to Jesus and his beautiful hair in The Walking Dead’s mid-season finale titled, “Evolution.” The Whisperers, those zombie mask wearing bastards, took Jesus out and oh dear lord, they’ve got some pain coming in return! No matter what has happened, what has led this group to not be together or act like family, well, it stops now. They have bigger threats to worry about. And if they’re going to survive the Whisperers they’re going to have to work together!

Why’d You Have to Kill Off Jesus?


We’ve never really known Jesus. Since day one he’s been mysterious, aloof, and always ready with a bit of sage advice. He’s been the right hand man and the one who brings people into Hilltop. And it’s taken me to this very moment to realize that I never really knew Jesus.

Jesus only allowed others to see what he wanted. They saw strong, worthy, and a champion when they looked at him. And that was barely breaking the surface. He survived by Gregory’s side, not because he saw something in the turd, but because he could help people from that position.

When Maggie came around, that’s when Jesus stopped stagnating and began living. He had a companion, a friend, a partner in all the crazy of the apocalypse. And I can’t help but feel that The Walking Dead didn’t know what to do with Jesus now that his main BFF Maggie is gone.

Jesus will be missed. And as much as I hope and pray that he’s alive and this is all a ruse, my heart knows he’s gone. He fought for his friends, found a home in an unlikely place, and died a hero. That’s more than some people get on The Walking Dead, so here’s to Jesus!

*raises glass* May he continue looking fabulous with that beard and that hair!

What Did You Do Michonne?


From the very first moment they flashed forward, I knew something was wrong. They weren’t family anymore. The “they” being Michonne, Maggie, Carol, and the rest of the OG gang. They were strangers passing each other in the night, scared of actually looking at each other or helping the other for fear of the past raising it’s ugly head.

It’s time to stop. It’s time to look. It’s time to start being a family again.

Whatever Michonne did, whatever made it so she’s ok with them hating her, was born out of love. It was probably twisted and involved a lot of blood, but Michonne would do it again. For them. For family. Maybe it was the Saviors she killed. Maybe after Rick’s death she spiraled and took care of the threat before it took care of them.

“Evolution” and the discovery of the Whisperers is a step in the right direction for Michonne and her estranged family. Crazy is coming for all of them and they need someone like Michonne to take the risks that no one else will. And Michonne, she needs someone to help guide her and focus the pain that she’s feeling still, years after Rick’s “death.”

Together is how they survive. Together is how they live.

What the Fuck, Whisperers?


I think, from here on out we’ll have a section where I flail about the horror that is the Whisperers. I’ve always been terrified of that “what if” moment when it comes to walkers. “What if” they evolve? “What if” if they remember who they are? “What if” they suddenly duck a blow meant for their head cuz they’re not fully gone yet?

That “what if” came to life in “Evolution.”

As soon as that odd walker ducked out of Jesus’ way and brought out a weapon, I knew shit was about to go down. The Whisperers are done with hiding and waiting. The people of Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom are “trespassing” into places they don’t belong or know about. So the Whisperers are here to course correct our favs.

Don’t just take my word for it. Watch the trailer below, look at all those moments where the Whisperers just exposed themselves like nothing. I don’t mean expose as in they pulled down their pants or some equally vile suggestion. I mean that the Whisperers are no longer afraid or hesitate to let our OG’s know that they are being watched. That’s why they creep about our neighborhoods and stand outside in formation like they’re about to start dancing to “Thriller.”

They’re not scared of Alexandria, Hilltop, or the Kingdom. And that’s just terrifying.

Favorite Moment from The Walking Dead’s “Evolution”:


Check out the trailer for the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead:

The Walking Dead returns February 2019 on AMC.

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