‘New Amsterdam’ 1×10 Review: Six Or Seven Minutes

OMG, the new episode hit me in the FEELS multiple times! I can’t believe how far this show has come, and its characters, in only ten episodes. Before the break, Max dropped while he was out on a lake with Georgia and that’s how they left us. Now, I knew Max wasn’t going to die because he’s the main character and the show is too new (in my opinion) to do something so drastic, but it was still intense. What we got to see with Max down for most of the episode was all that he’s created since his first day at New Amsterdam Hospital.

Let me break down what I loved (almost all of it) and the little bit that I hated in ‘Six Or Seven Minutes’…

The Flashbacks

I’m in the camp that ships Max and Helen because they have so much chemistry and because Georgia came off as such as a bitch in the beginning. I don’t know if the show did this intentionally or if they had no idea Max and Helen would sizzle so much, but it’s there now. I understand the flashback scenes of Max and Georgia’s relationship was supposed to show us the good times and why she’s so worried about him, but I hated them. She’s his wife and they’re on good terms now but don’t shove this relationship down my throat because I will just never buy into it. I think Georgia’s selfish ways will surface again and she’ll break Max’s heart, so just give us Sharpwin already.

Max’s People

I touched on Helen already but she was near tears throughout the entire episode. Nothing has made me ship Sharpwin harder than I did during this episode. I feel really bad for the doctor who is taking her on a date because she advocated for Max to everyone. Her emotions broke my heart throughout especially when she ran into his room once he was awake.

Iggy and Kapoor were, as always, amazing. I loved seeing how Max has affected all of these people. Iggy said it best when he asked Kapoor if he was being old Kapoor or new Kapoor. Each character was challenged during their time without Max and they all rose above to shine. Iggy didn’t let Dean Fulton scare him into stopping the nurse’s strike, which Max supported.

Reynolds planned to save an old woman who couldn’t afford the surgery she needed, but Dean Fulton threatened him as well. Thanks to Max reminding everyone that patients are what matter and not the bottom line, Reynolds stood up to the Dean and performed the surgery. I love Dean Fulton because I love Ron Rifkin who plays him, but I almost hated him and his negative attitude. Luckily when Fulton saw how Max has changed New Amsterdam for the better even he agreed that Max should stay in his position through chemotherapy.

The Verdict

Max woke up (no surprise) but it still hit me in the feels and tried to give up his position. His team banded together to stop him from stepping down, offering to take on some of his duties while he gets better because they need him and believe in him. It was such a beautiful moment! This episode was excellent, other than the flashbacks, and I’m really excited to see where the rest of the season goes. I’ll continue rooting for Sharpwin to be a thing.

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