Grownish Season 2, Episode 4 “In My Feelings”

What makes a modern day genius? This week’s Grownish has our gang waiting for a new album from a so-called genuis artist to drop. I’m thinking Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, or Maggie Rogers, only the gang finds themselves at odds coming to an agreement about what makes a musical genius. Oh, you Millennials…. Always in your feelings.  I have to say that this season of Grownish has me in my feelings about where the show is headed.  Not in a bad way, it’s just that everyone seems to be ganging up on Zoey. Or is that just me in my feelings LIKE Zoey?  Ever since episode one,  Zoey’s friends have had a problem with her and her choices. This week it’s her major, but more on that later. I get that college is hard, cultivating real and lasting friendships is HARD, maintaining your friendships, and love life, and school responsibilities takes time and patience. Which is why I’m a little upset about what went down this week at Cal-U.

This week Zoey finds herself at odds with her chosen fashion major. She is struggling to make her latest assignment from scratch, meanwhile her boyfriend Luca finds the assignment to be a breeze… Major eye roll at first, but then we realize that maybe it’s hard for Zoey for a reason.

Listen. Don’t get me wrong, Zoey has a strong fashion sense, she really does, but does that mean she can design and make clothing from scratch? Nope! Just because you dress well and know how to put together pieces doesn’t mean that you are automatically a qualifier for America’s Next Top Designer.  Am I right?  You can love fashion, but not have a clue about how to make a dress. Luca dresses like a cross between Lenny Kravitz and a beach bum. He look’s like if Lady Gaga and Lenny Kravitz had a love child and named him Luca. I still kinda feel like Zoey should have went with Aaron, for her boyfriend choice, but that’s just me.

Anyway, all of Zoey’s disdain about this school project and the “fashion block she’s having, sparks up a deeper conversation about artistry and who is really worthy of that title. I have no idea how these kids all seem to come together to throw a party for damn near everything! Oh, you’re moving into a new space? Party. Oh, you’re having your wisdom teeth removed? Party. Oh, an unnamed artist is dropping a secret new album at midnight? Party! I’ve never seen so much partying and socializing in my life, no wonder school is hard for them.  They never seem to study or be in class, they’re too busy having freaking parties. I digress.

Jazz is still mad at Zoey about last week’s texting mishap. I really don’t understand it either. Girl can hold a grudge.  Jeez! Which sheds a broader discussion on friendships and women, black women in particular. Zoey calls out Aaron and Vivek for not having any women in their pick for the musical genius, they discount Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, hell Solange as only “entertainers” and good singers not as true geniuses. Um EXCUSE ME?? WTF Aaron!  I take it back, maybe you aren’t the right choice.  Jazz jumps on the bandwagon to support Zoey in that remark, but then leaves her chewing gum in Zoey’s drink, still signaling that  just because she agrees with Zoey, doesn’t mean she’s not still mad at her, and also signaling to me that she is very childish.  It also prompts Nomi to tell Zoey that while she thinks Luca is a genius, Zoey is NOT.  Damn girl! With friends like these two who needs enemies?  This hits a nerve for Zoey, because this semester has not been easy for her, nor should it be in my opinion.  Zoey states that she has been use to things coming so easy for her, but now she’s stuck, and she has no joy in what she is doing, worse still, she hates what she is doing.  Been there, Zoey.  It sucks when you thought you knew exactly what you wanted and thought you knew how to get there, then all of a sudden Woosh!  You’ve lost your way and the path isn’t clear anymore.  I think perhaps Zoey is in a fog, and it’s going to take the remainder of the season for her to find her way through it and come out on the other side.

Jazz laments that Zoey is too self-centered and always concerned about her own feelings and her own problems, but no one else’s. I feel like Zoey is supposed to represent this millennial generation and how often they are accused of being exactly what Jazz laid out to Zoey. Zoey is self centered, she does not always act like she is the eldest child of five. Her parents did indulge her and tell her how great and fabulous she was. Zoey was given everything on a silver platter, and she is indeed a product of her raising. BUT is that her fault?  Maybe she just needs some therapy? Like maybe she just needs to grow as person, after all she is only 19ish? Cut the girl some slack. Her parents, Bow and Dre should have seen this breakdown coming last year.

Jazz makes another comment to Zoey about changing her major, because obviously fashion isn’t her thing.  Zoey resents this and remarks that Jazz can’t possibly love track every day? Jazz counters and says that even when she hates track and working her butt off, she loves it, it brings her immense joy and satisfaction. Zoey cannot say the same. Home-girl is having panic attacks left and right, she is constantly worried about what people think about her, she is taking Addy, to keep up with her school work and is not sleeping.  So maybe therapy is a GOOD idea?  Talk to someone, Zoey. It helps.  The conversation with Jazz helped Zoey come to a decision about school however, and she decided to drop the fashion class that was giving her so much trouble. It’s her sophomore year. I dropped and changed plenty of classes sophomore year. College is about finding out what you love, it’s about growth, and not everyone comes to college knowing exactly what they want to do for the rest of their lives!  That’s a myth, like an urban legend of sorts.  Zoey should be allowed to fall, and get back up without feeling judged.  Perhaps now she can pursue something she does love and that gives her satisfaction and the power to be a genius, because she truly is, even if she doesn’t know it yet.

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