Grownish Season 2, Episode 2 “New Rules”

Damn, Zoey! You have had a rough couple of weeks back at school. I feel for you, I really do. I understand your whole “There are RULES” with your girls. I get that, made some myself and followed them, for the most part…

So this week, when Zoey finds herself caught up on some drama, that she sorta created, I felt bad that Jazz was ready to whoop her ass. But also, Jazz, your boyfriend was at party, he told you he wasn’t going to, and it’s a “rule” that GF’s and BF’s don’t go to kickbacks without each other. MotherFucking Rules! Hell, Zoey, you created half of them!  Best to stick to them, lest you have 99 problems…  #bitchlearnhowtotext   #playyourposition #legitstressin #chicksbeforedicks #youknowwhatitis #Defcon1 #chargeyourfuckingphone

“Breathe, what’s happening? I don’t want to die in a shorts and boots combo.” Haha! Same, Zoey, same.

(Freeform/Kelsey McNeal)

Friendship Rules:

Rule # 1 When taking a group photo, make sure everyone looks on point, edit if needed, get everyone’s approval FIRST, then send out

Rule #2 No going to Kickbacks without your GF or BF present

Rule #3 EVERYONE,  must keep their phone navigation systems on at all times, so that EVERYONE, knows, where everyone else is

Rule #4 ALWAYS keep your phone charged, phones are not allowed to die

Rule #5  When your is sister mad, YOU are mad

Rule #6 Don’t blind text in a group chat

Rule #7 Don’t private someone in group chat, while group chatting with everyone else

I would list Rules 8-20 But they are too cumbersome to recall and I can’t imagine how Zoey and her friends keep up with all of them, let alone stick to them. Zoey at one point in the episode asks her friends, is anyone sane? Or is she the only one, because the rules become too much to handle. AND SHE IS RIGHT! Honestly, I would have probably only remembered 3 of their so-called rules, and after that, I would have been ghosted from the friend group. Ha!

Now lets talk about Jazz for a moment. Did she have a right to be mad at Zoey? Absolutely, because Zoey should have texted her in the first place instead of sending out a private group text to only Ana and Nomi. I get that part of your anger Jazz, I do, but I also think you staying mad at Zoey is more about your insecurities than what actually happened.

In my opinion Zoey didn’t do anything wrong but stumble to tell Jazz that she saw her BF out at a party. She asked her friends for advice and they ended up telling Jazz before Zoey could and Boom! Just Messy! Their friendship is over, or so it seems.  Zoey was ghosted, her friends ignored her texts, stopped talking to her, turned off their location signals and her own roommate’s avoided her. No wonder home girl had a panic attack on the rooftop staircase at Cal-U, more on that another day, I mean her campus is super modern, I’m steady confused, with both its location and how nice her campus apartment is. I digress…

Aaron and Vivek learn that when you try to throw a party in a dorm, especially a BLACK dorm,  someone will always call the police. Aaron and Vivek were relegated to side stories this week, which is good because maybe next week, when this storyline picks up, these two can be the voice of reason for both Jazz and Zoey. After all, it was their party that got all of this nonsense started in the first place.

What I like about Grownish is that it doesn’t try to shy away from the truth, and they don’t always wrap things up for you at the end of an episode with a nice bow. This week’s episode was no exception. As Zoey apologized to everyone, via group text, and everyone accepted her apology, Jazz left the group and her square box on the bottom of the screen faded to black. That’s real life, folks, your friends are not always gonna accept your apology or you theirs. We can’t always wrap up our problems in 30 minutes, with humor or a drink.

Zoey was left wondering what she should do next. My advice? Give Jazz some space, do you, and when she is ready to talk to you, she will. Hopefully Jazz comes around though, right guys? Because, I need everybody to fall in line and have each others backs again. I don’t like it when my friends fight! #fortheculture #priceisright #locationenabled #goodmorningtext #iwastryningtotakeanap #noreflexes

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