‘Game of Thrones’ Season 3 Review: 1,000 Needles to the Heart

On a heartbreak scale of 0-100, season 3 of Game of Thrones would rate at about 1,347.  This season was so heartbreaking for me; we will get to that particular episode later in this review, but let’s talk about some other important moments first.

Jon, Robb, Theon, The Lannisters, and Sansa all had very important growth this season. We came to know more about their characters and why they are a certain way. We learned their motivations and their fears. We also learned what types of acts they will tolerate.

Throughout this season, there were so man scenes that stood out. Arya with the Hound on the Kingsroad, Bran and Rickon as they traveled through the North with Osha and Hodor, Robb as he dealt with struggles from his bannerman.  I have a couple that have stood out to me and broken them out below. Let’s be honest, when it comes to Game of Thrones there are so many to choose from and I could write a novel about them all.

The King Beyond the Wall:

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Jon finally reaches Mance Rayder’s camp, the “King beyond the Wall.” Jon has convinced him and the Wildlings that he is abandoning the Watch because Mormont wouldn’t do anything about Craster giving his son’s up to the White Walkers.  He claims that he wants to be on the side that is fighting for the living.

While Jon certainly does want to fight for the living, I can only imagine how hard it was for him to act that he was no longer a man of the Night’s Watch.  If there is one thing that we know of Jon it is that he does not like lying.  Then add in Ygritte and her never ending annoying ways to tempt Jon into being with her, which he eventually gives into. I really do believe he was in love with Ygritte, but he knew that they couldn’t last. I can’t stand her character though; she is like an annoying nat that will never leave my screen.

The Flayed Man:

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Source: Giphy

We keep getting glimpses of a random man that is torturing Theon over the course of season 3. Come to find out this is Roose Bolton’s bastard son, Ramsay Snow.  We get to really see a sadistic nature to this new character, Ramsay.  As much as I hate Theon’s actions over betraying Robb and how he treated Bran, Rickon, and all of Winterfell residents, he didn’t deserve the torture that Ramsay gave him. That was extreme.

The Lion’s Den:

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Every single Lannister can go straight to hell, with the exception of Tyrion.  He is the only one out of that family with any shred of decency. I wanted to kill Tywin myself when he made Tyrion marry Sansa and said that Tyrion was to have a son by Sansa by any means necessary, including rape.  Even more infuriating is Joffrey taunting Sansa after her wedding to Tyrion, saying that he will rape her.  The strength of Sansa astounds me, she puts on a brave face and powers through it. She knows what she needs to do stay alive.

Heartbreaking Scene #1:

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If this scene above didn’t tear your heart out did you even have one?  Watching Rickon cry about being separated from Bran just tore at my soul. He wanted to protect his big brother but Bran wanted to protect him.  That embrace will be forever embedded into my mind in my Game of Thrones folder.

Heartbreaking Scene #2:

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The ninth episode in almost each season of Game of Thrones is often seen as the best of the season. For this season that episode is “The Rains of Castamere.” While it is so very good it is also the episode where someone physically reached into my body to pull my heart out and crush it.

I remember the first time watching this episode, how naive I was. At the point, the only thing that had caused me real pain was when they killed Ned in season 1.  I was just happily watching as Edmure, Roslin, Robb, Talisa, and Catelyn feasted innocently, while creepy Walder watched. I should have noticed that smug little smile on his face. Then everyone that is significant leaves the hall. That was when chaos erupted and Walder violated guest rights and killed everyone.

“The Lannister’s send their regards.” I hate that sentence, and I hate whose mouth it came from.  I curse the day you were born Roose Bolton, all just because you wanted the control of the North.  The look on Catelyn’s face after Roose is the final one to stab Robb and kill him, is utter devastation. You can tell she has just given up on life.

I have many more feelings about this episode that just don’t convert to words, so I will end it here. Michelle Fairley is a fantastic actress and I will miss her on my screen. To Robert Madden, thank you for playing Robb. A character I have dearly loved for three seasons and a character death I will forever morn.

Bad-ass Scene of the season:

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Emilia Clarke is a fantastic actress. I don’t care what you say, nothing will convince me otherwise. This is probably my favorite moment of the season. Daenerys is fierce and passionate. She is a leader. She is the Queen we all deserve. While she did crucify the Master’s, they did deserve it.  They were slave holders after all. Daenerys saw the injustice that was happening and saw a way to remedy it while also getting a win.  She also choose to set the Unsullied free if they so wished.  In this series not many people have that kind of compassion and I applaud her for it.  She won’t sit idly by while people suffer. That is not her way.

While this season was a million little pinpricks to my already fragile heart, I will carry on. It would not be Game of Thrones if the season went by without breaking my heart.  But I love it all the same.  Click here to read my season 2 review.

Game of Thrones season 8 premiere’s on HBO on April 14th.

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