NCISLA: Top 10 Densi Moments

We love Densi, the couple made up of Detective Marty Deeks and NCIS agent Kensi Blye on NCISLA, and with the long-time OTP finally, finally tying the knot, we thought this would be as good a time as any to take you all on a walk through memory lane, as we examine the moments that led them here, and of course, that led us to fall in love with the two of them.

So, here we go, in chronological order, our top ten Densi moments:

“Are you sure?/No”

This was truly the first moment where I felt like Kensi and Deeks were more than just two people thrown together by circumstance, like they were truly partners, and more than that, like they really cared for each other, and trusted each other above everything. It’s hard to pinpoint, going back, when I started to ship these two, but this is one of those moments that stands out, when I look back on their history.

First (real) kiss

It feels like Kensi and Deeks got started a few times before they finally managed to get started, and yet, I remember watching this live and screaming at the TV because it was finally happening, because no matter what came after, there was going to be no way for Kensi and Deeks to deny this “thing” that existed between them. And hey, I was both right and wrong!

Sunshine and gunpowder

The I love you before the I love you, the phrase we most came to associate with Deek’s love for Kensi, and still one that brings a smile to any Densi fan, this was Deek’s at his best, being truly and completely honest about how he felt, without truly accepting to himself what it meant for him to feel like that. But we knew, oh we knew. And so did Hetty.

The place I went to, in my head, to stop the pain, was you…

This isn’t really a romantic proclamation, and yet is there anything more romantic than telling someone that their entire existence lights up your world so much that when you were at your worst, when you were being literally tortured, the one thing that helped to get you through, the reason you survived, was basically because you could imagine their face and their smile? Nah, I didn’t think so either.

Frozen Lake

Of all the tricks NCIS: LA pulled to keep these two apart for as long as they did, this one hurt the most, because it made the most sense. When you love someone more than anything in the world, when you want that person more than anything in the world, you also fear losing that person more than anything in the world, and for people in the line of work Deeks and Kensi are, it’s completely understandable that with the acceptance of that love comes blinding fear.

“All In”

This was the moment we’d been waiting for – the final leap, so to speak, Kensi and Deeks standing in front of each other, talking about their feelings openly, without metaphors, and agreeing to go all in, together, through thick and thin, together, forever. And boy, has life tested them since that declaration, but just as we suspected back then, these two can handle anything life throws at them, including bombs and literal falling helicopters, as long as they’re together.

The ‘claw’

There were many moments during season 8 that illustrated the fact that this was one of the best – if not THE – best couple on TV, and yet I chose this one because I think it encapsulates the best of Densi: how they’re there for each other, good times, bad times, how they build each other up, and how their love isn’t just about being there through good times, but being a support through bad times. These aren’t just two people in life, they’re partners in life, and it shows.


We basically got like three proposals, and yet to see the one that counted be about Kensi getting down on one knee, after a season of so much personal hardship for her, a season where Deeks stood by her side every time step the way, was especially satisfying. Life doesn’t always turn out the way we want it to, and we can’t always predict what’s coming, but we can choose who we are going to live the moments we get with. And Kensi and Deeks have chosen.

“You are my world.”

Even when the show throws obstacles Deeks and Kensi’s way, it never feels like it’s drama for the sake of drama, instead it feels like two people going through the normal ups and downs of life, and that means fear and disagreements and sometimes pain, but that doesn’t mean giving up and it certainly doesn’t mean running away when things get though. That’s not the Densi way.

I Love You So Much

After a rocky end to season 9, the start of season 10 saw Kensi basically saving Deeks’s life by dragging his ass through the dessert and then reaffirming that, despite everything, despite the things they don’t agree with yet, and the ones they have yet to figure out, she wants a life with him. That’s the most important thing in her life. And hey, now they’re getting married, at last.

It’s about time.

I know, I know, it was hard to narrow it down to ten. And I had to re-watch basically all their scenes to do it. It was hard work, but someone had to undertake it. So, hey, if you agree, or even if you disagree, make sure to drop me a line below!

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS. The wedding episode will air March 17th.

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