The 5 Most Ridiculous Shark Movies For The Summer

Summer is upon us and for some of us, me, that means it’s shark movie season. There have been so many films about sharks since Jaws hit the theaters in 1975 that it’s hard to keep them all straight; but don’t worry because I am here for you. I watch all the shark movies (if there’s a shark on the cover I’m watching it) so you are in good hands. We’ll start with the most ridiculous and, in a second article share the ones that will keep you on the edge of your seat and out of the water. It’s important to note that I enjoy the ridiculous ones just as much as the others but for very different reasons.

1. The Meg


This Jason Statham shark flick hit the screens last summer and I had very high expectations going in, but The Meg was a letdown. This giant shark belongs in the most ridiculous category because of all the missed opportunities to make it a classic and ended up looking pretty silly. With the exception of a larger meg devouring the smaller one right off the boat, this film falls flat. There was a helicopter which the shark did not take down and the meg swam through a huge group of people and went after no one.

2. Sharktopus


I have to be fair and let you know that the first one is pretty great but it makes the list because of all the films that followed like, Sharktopus Vs. Whalewolf and Sharktopus Vs. Pteracuda. The base storyline for the Sharktopus movies is a shark mixed with an octopus designed to be the ultimate weapon until it got away and began terrorizing everyone. While these films are quite ridiculous, they are also very fun so if you just want to enjoy a shark hybrid tearing apart cities then this series is for you.

3. Sharknado


Just like Sharktopus, Sharknado started with an amazing first installment which defied all expectations but then everything got crazy. In the original film, we got one of those rare gems where Sharknado was the exact right amount of bad making it amazing. After that, though, the rest of the Sharknado movies became more and more ridiculous where sharks were in space and then they jumped into time travel to end the series. For a quality shark movie, watch the first Sharknado and if it’s ridiculous you’re after then watch any of the following sequels.

4. Ghost Shark


This one is the definition of ridiculous with the title alone but it’s still entertaining. In Ghost Shark, the spirit of a great white haunts a beach town and has the ability to attack anywhere as long as there’s even the littlest bit of water. There is a scene where a man fills a cup of water by the water cooler and when he drinks it the shark eats him from the inside out. If you finish this one and you don’t feel like things got crazy enough, check out the sequel Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws.

5. 3-Headed Shark Attack


There are a few of these multi-headed shark attack movies but the three-headed shark is the best of the bunch. What makes 3-Headed Shark Attack so much better than a 2-Headed, 5-Headed, or 6-Headed shark? The cast because this movie has the best bunch of actors and actresses only making it better. Jason Simmons of Baywatch and the first Sharknado stars in the film and since I absolutely adore him it’s easy to pick this as my favorite of the series. Karrueche Tran joins the cast and does a surprisingly great job with her role. But the real highlight comes from Danny Trejo (Machete) taking down sharks single-handed as the beast tears literally everything in its path to pieces.

What shark movies do you enjoy or find absolutely ridiculous? Let us know in the comments below!

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