Disney+: ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Is Returning And Here’s What We Want To See

Now I don’t know about you, but I am excited for all of the treats that Disney+ will be bringing to us. I feel like we have all come to the conclusion that cutting our cable is what is best and investing all of our time and money into Disney+ is where it is at.

The streaming service announced the return of Lizzie McGuire and my heart skipped a beat. The excitement was overwhelming and I felt like every dream that I never knew that I had was coming true.

“The conversations have gone on for a couple of years and the timing just didn’t seem right and now Lizzie is turning 30. For me, she was everybody’s best friend and she was there for us…entering your 30s is a really big deal,” Hilary told People.

It truly is a very big deal, but that also leaves me wondering, how will this play out on Disney.

But that also leaves me having quite a few things that I can’t wait to see.


No one understands living in New York, like the people living in New York. The friendships are essential and they help make your life comfortable and make this city come alive. I think that what I am excited about is seeing the life that Lizzie has and the way that the people that are in her life now help shape it. She’s always had friends that define a part of her soul, so I am interested to see the new people that have that affect on her.

Lizzie and her friendships helped to define a generation – to teach them the highs and lows of what friendships are.

Now they can help define a new batch of people or teach those that were originally taught by Lizzie more life lessons.


I mean with any reboot, you always want to see characters from the original, but if we’re being honest, I don’t want to see them front and center. Not because I didn’t love all the characters from Lizzie McGuire, but more because I think that there comes a time where the people from your past won’t be front and center. It’s rare that the people that defined your childhood, define your 30’s.

But that being said, I would love to see the characters from the original. I want to know what happened to them. I want to see the falling outs, the reunions, the bringing their friendships back together, the anger, the excitement – in other words all of it.


New York isn’t easy. It’s not even close to being easy. And I am hoping that they show the truth about being here. I don’t want to see an apartment that she’ll never be able to afford, a life that she never could live without being a billionaire. I want to see the truth. Museum visits, picnics in Central Park, dollar pizza and traveling on the subway to name a few.

I feel like we have a chance here to break boundaries and to be honest. Sure, Lizzie will be in her 30’s so who knows what she’s done and she could afford the expensive stuff. But I just want to see a real life in New York City.


Lizzie invented the bitmoji and I can’t wait to see what happens here. I don’t feel like it would be the same without it. But, I also don’t want them to overthink everything and change everything for the sake of it being done. I think that Lizzie is always innovative and I can’t wait to see how that happens.


Lizzie was always fashionable and ahead of her time. I can’t wait to see how she continues that.


We’ve all seen the Lizzie McGuire movie. So you know we all want to know the same thing. Did Lizzie McGuire become a pop superstar?


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