5 Reasons You Should Watch Amazon Prime’s ‘Undone’

Undone is the trippy, heartfelt, and animated drama that you need in your life. It’s wild in how the Latinx lead discovers a new relationship with time after surviving a terrible accident. And it’s wondrously beautiful in the way we experience Alma’s (Rosa Salazar) life, struggles, and everything in between.

So, without further ado, here are 5 reasons you should watch Amazon Prime’s Undone!

1. Stunning visuals that are often trippy.

I’m not going to lie, when I first started watching Undone, the visuals threw me off a little. It was a style I’d never seen or experienced before. But not even halfway through episode one, I WAS SOLD! The visuals in Undone are stunning, magical, and grounded in our world. This trippy style enables the story to take chances it couldn’t if it wasn’t animated. And I love it to the moon and back!

2. It focuses on mental health in a realistic manner.

As someone dealing with mental health issues myself, I was wary of how Undone would deal with the leads trauma or how they would represent it. I was pleasantly surprised to see that mental health is taken seriously and portrayed in a manner that feels intimate and a little too real. Seriously, at some moments I was left shook up, astounded, and moved because of how close and real it felt to me, as someone dealing with mental health issues every single day.

3. It’s unapologetically Latinx.

Not only is the actress Latinx, her character and her life are both unapologetically Latinx. The Spanish language is part of her life, Latinx mannerisms that you know can spot a mile away are part of her life, and there’s even a spot about the questionable nature of Texans taking away Mexican land because slavery. All of her Latinidad is part of her and she is not hiding it or ashamed of it. And in a time where Latinx roles are scarce to stereotypical, it’s amazing to get to know Alma and her family.

4. Rosa Salazar and Bob Odenkirk’s performance is aces!

The connection that these two actors have is electric and so well put together. I can see them being father and daughter. And I can see the bond that they have and how that translates into their roles. Alma (Rosa Salazar) and Jacob (Bob Odenkirk) are also funny, weird, and reflections of each other character. Sure, they bump heads sometimes, but what father/daughter duo out there doesn’t every once in a while? Plus the love is there and it is so endearingly weird and wonderful that I want more!

5. The main character is hearing impaired.

To clarify, I’m not certain if Rosa Salazar, the female lead of Undone, is herself hearing impaired. That being said, her character being hearing impaired matters. Representation when it comes to disabilities is scarce to none or represented with no authenticity or feeling like the show actually did its research on said disability. This characters hearing impairment is part of who she is and not some passing thought that was inserted into Undone for kudos or accolades. 

Undone is available on Amazon Prime.

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