‘Grand Hotel’ 1×13 Review: The One With The Answers

It’s been quite a ride. And I don’t just say that in the metaphorical way, because boy, has Grand Hotel managed to surprise us week, after week, after week, with “A Perfect Storm” being no different, something I didn’t even think was possible considering this is a remake of a show I already watched. But surprised I have been, and delighted, and entertained, and to be honest …I want more.

Much more.

Year after year, it seems like I find myself here, in the same place, begging to The Powers that Be not to cancel good, smart, diverse television. Very rarely do I get my way. And with the ratings this show has gotten – and this episode, the finale, going against Monday Night Football, I don’t anticipate my chances here are that good, or that TPTB will consider it to be enough. But I hope.

I hope.

Because I want to know what happened to Santiago. I want to see if he and Gigi can somehow mend what’s broken. I want Danny to have a chance to live, and love and just …be more than the brother of the girl who was tragically killed. I want Jason to find out not just that Santiago is his dad, but all his friend did for him. I want Javi and Ingrid to find their way back to each other. And I want Javi and Alicia to know they have a brother.


(Come on, I made it the entire season without a High School Musical reference. That one was necessary)

So let’s talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of “A Perfect Storm”:


  • Danny and Alicia. MY BABIES. Together, at last. Choosing each other, free of secrets, free of doubts. The way it was always meant to be. Danny doesn’t have a family anymore, Alicia has a hella complicated one, but they can be each other’s port in a storm from now on. The one constant. And I love that.
  • Danny and Jason. They didn’t even share a scene, but what Danny did for Jason …gah. Family isn’t only blood, and Danny doesn’t have any family. In fact, now he has Alicia, but for so long he had no one …except Sky, at first, and then Jason. How could Danny do any different than protect the one brother that isn’t his by blood, but the one life gave him? Fitting that they’re almost family now, because these two are just precious cinnamon rolls too damn good for this world.
  • Santiago caring. Santiago has done a lot wrong, but the fact that his first instinct, upon learning about Jason, is to be there for him, to love him like a son, to try to provide for him? That says a lot.
  • Ingrid. I just really like her, okay. She keeps making mistakes (Mateo, ugh), but her heart is in the right place, and she’s had a rough life, and I just want something to go well for her. Please.


  • Mrs. P. Look, I want to see it your way, I do. I just can’t. The lies have caused so much damage to this family already, and she just wants to keep lying, because that’s the easiest thing for her? Someone – OTHER THAN DANNY, THAT IS – should really consider putting Jason first. He deserves to know the truth, and he deserves a chance to be recognized and loved by his family.
  • Gigi. Maybe at first it made sense, Gigi. But after so long of keeping this secret, how in the world did you rage on Santiago for keeping secrets? You have to be the biggest hypocrite in this hotel, and that’s saying something. And no, right now, it doesn’t even help that I think you’re a fascinating character. I’m just really mad at you.


  • Carolina. Look, I wanted to believe she wasn’t that bad, give her the benefit of the doubt, and all of that. But there’s only so many chances you can give a person to grow, and she’s been given way more than she deserves, only to continue making the same mistakes, and acting like a ditz because that’s easier. Hell, no, I want no part of that. At least everyone else in this show makes mistakes for, you know, actual reasons, and because they care about people. Carolina truly cares about no one but herself.
  • Malcolm. I mean, someone had to be the bad guy, but God, killing someone in cold blood like that and just hiding it takes a lot. The show makes it seem almost understandable, but is it? Does the fact that he say he’s been wracked with guilt mean anything when he left Danny wondering and suffering for so long? Why should I care more about the one who caused harm that about the one who was hurt?
  • Ingrid’s Mom. Twist the knife, won’t you Grand Hotel?

Things I think I think:

  • A Perfect Storm is a very obvious title, show.
  • Too obvious, you’d say.
  • Oh, a flashforward. JOY.
  • We’ve never seen that before.
  • He literally got an ax. AN AX.
  • Alicia, you really don’t know shit.
  • That’s low, Gigi. LOW.
  • “Double your SAT score.”
  • BURN
  • This family needs some therapy and to work on their communication.
  • Alicia’s FACE.
  • Tell Javi, Alicia.
  • Well, of course you won’t. You want to protect him.
  • Fuck Mateo.
  • I still don’t believe it was Gigi.
  • “But did you see how much bacon he was eating at breakfast?”
  • Carolina, every time I try to like you, you open your mouth.
  • “If JLo and Cardi B had a closet”
  • LOL
  • Of course she didn’t steal jewels.
  • Danny, MY BABY.
  • You and Alicia working together is literally all I wanted for the entirety of the season.
  • Oh, joy, Javi. Remember the no sex rule? REMEMBER?
  • Dang it, Sky IS dead.
  • I wanna hug Danny.
  • Oh, Gigi, you filthy hypocrite.
  • Sorry?
  • SORRY?
  • He’s doing it for Jason.
  • Danny is also too pure for this world.
  • Fuck you, Carolina. Sincerely. Fuck you.
  • I wouldn’t trust you either, Gigi.
  • That handhold is the purest thing.
  • But I’ll take the kiss.
  • No, Ingrid, no. Don’t repeat that mistake.
  • And it ended like THAT?
  • Yes, Erin was right. She was.

Agree? Disagree? What did you think of “A Perfect Storm”? Share with us in the comments below!

Grand Hotel aired Mondays at 10/9c on ABC.

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