‘Evil’ 1×03 Review: “Stars”

Remember how last week I said Evil was starting to get good? We just took two steps back this week. Episode 3 of Evil, entitled “3 Stars” was lackluster at best, and I’m starting to feel like this show is headed for a season one cancellation.

“3 Stars” starts off with our trio investigating a possible Diabolical Obsession (one of six types of possession, and a dangerous one that can cause suicidal ideation or murder in the possessed) afflicting a high-maintenance Broadway producer. Now, I will say this. The beginning sequence going through the different types of possession was amazing.

I loved hearing about the different kinds of Evil. If the show taught us more about the world of the supernatural, rather than living in the known world, it may make the series a tad more interesting.

The second plotline was Kristen’s work. Or ex-work. Leland Townsend is doing is absolute best to overturn every single one of Kristen’s cases from the DA. I’m honestly not sure why, but he seems for lack of a better word, evil. He also comes to David in the form of a demon/devil/bad conscious, so I guess that’s a less subtle way of making that connection. But as of right now, Townsend has no real purpose. He hasn’t mentioned The 60 again, but he has threatened Kristen and her daughters’ safety. Regardless, Kristen didn’t back down (good job!) And just doctored a tape of the crazy things Leland said to her in a conversation that he somehow managed to corrupt on the recording.

Technology’s a bitch, Leland. Gotta be eviler.

Do you know who did see The 60? David. In his vision. His vision he had while he was high on drugs. He went to a local (because… sure) exorcist (who’s really busy! He is already booked for 2 this week!) and spoke to him about his vision… and I just couldn’t really care about this. Because how valid is a “vision” from God, if David had it while he was high out of his mind? I guess it meant something because after some pretty nifty googling, and a very detailed sketch, David figured out that the 3 stars in Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi indicated that something would happen in New York, Chicago, and DC. Now, the practical human in me, wants to know why he knew that one of the stars had to be on New York, but this show has so many flaws at the moment, I’m not even worried about this one.

God doesn’t mind hallucinogens. David can ingest toxic drugs into his system, but sex is still a no-no, apparently. He says it doesn’t matter to him, but the camaraderie that they’re trying to sell between Kristen and David seems like it’s a little bit more than that. I don’t remember the last time a man ever told me “I enjoy talking to you” when he just wanted to be my friend.

Just saying.

The problem with Evil isn’t that it’s a bad show. It’s that I’m just not sure what it’s trying to tell me. What is the purpose of the plot? What are we working towards? What is Evil? Because I thought it would be some dramatic… effect when something unexplainable actually happened. And it did this week. The crazy demon (whose name is John) in the virtual assistant was just a hacker with a grudge, but even after he was caught, the demon was still tormenting our producer! It led the Broadway Producer to commit suicide. It started spilling secrets about Ben’s sister! (What is this baby this Demon is talking about?) But no one really talked about it! They just gave each other puzzled looks… and then went on with their life?

So. No. Nothing dramatic happening. Kristen just moved on with her life. Shrugged off the Demon of John.

And where’s George the Demon these days?

Maybe we’ll find out next week. Maybe we won’t.

What did you think of this week’s Evil? Do you think Kristen and David will ever hook up? How long do you think it would take you to put together the pieces of the 3 stars and 3 American cities? Do you think George and John are friends in hell? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Evil airs Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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