Florence Pugh Talks About Being Drawn To The Role Of Amy In ‘Little Women’

We are all influenced by the people around us – most notably we are influenced by our families. I remember my Grandma and I watching Dynasty and her favorite character was Alexis Carrington. No lie – I wanted to be Alexis Carrington (I know, I know – not the wisest choice) for sometime because it was influenced by my Grandma.

For Florence Pugh, who stars in the upcoming movie, Little Women, was influenced by her Grandma also.

In an interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to chat about Little Women, the actress admitted she was drawn to the role of Amy in Little Women, because of her Grandma, partially.

“I remember my gran related to her [too],” Florence shared. “I remember when she read the scene where Amy burns Jo’s book, and I remember my gran looking up from the book and going ‘what a wicked, wicked girl’.”

I guess not every Grandma is into Dynasty (in all fairness, my Grandma also exposed me to classic literature, so it wasn’t all on her that I loved Dynasty).

Florence continued, “I remember how excited she was about that, and clearly Amy is the one to get behind. (laughs)”

Little Women arrives in theaters on Christmas Day.

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