Schitt’s Creek Episode 6×03 Review: ‘Job Interview’

Everyone got down to business in this week’s Schitt’s Creek episode, “Job Interview,” looking for new work, loans to expand, and ways to make a long distance relationship work.

We finally got to see some of the cast members we’ve been missing (oh hey there, Ted), and some characters made some steps toward changes in their lives.

Stevie’s Job Interview

This episode had a shocking lack of our favorite OTP Patrick and David, but at least we got to see David wear one of his outfits. And we got what we hadn’t known we’ve been missing – some good old-fashioned David and Stevie time.

First of all – how adorable is it that Stevie asks David for outfit advice for her job interview. And while the one he picked maybe was a bit underwhelming, she didn’t have a lot of options available. A BFF interview outfit shopping spree is needed. David at least had his fiance’s super professional attire to tap into, and he looked adorable. Now can we get an episode where Patrick wears one of David’s outfits?  

It was nice to see Stevie and David’s relationship hasn’t changed when they started their competition to get hired by Larry Air.

David had probably never been on a real job interview in his life, so this was probably a good experience for him. Spin off idea – David auditions for different jobs. Who doesn’t want to see him try to sell himself as a construction worker, gourmet chef, kindergarten teacher, etc.?

When they had to name their greatest flaws, it showed just how different Stevie and David are, but that’s what makes their friendship so special. I think all of us have been Stevie at one point, unable to pick just one flaw in ourselves.

Stevie’s success made us all proud. Who would have thought that sullen girl from season one would thrive in a customer service interview? This truly showed just how much working with Johnny through the years and gaining a drive to succeed has changed her.

While she deserves a better job than Larry Air, here’s hoping that she really does get an opportunity to spread her wings.

Alexis and the Two Teds

We finally got to see Ted in the Galapagos, looking nice on video chat. His attempts with Alexis to have a long-distance relationship were really sweet, even when they tried to have cyber sex and it became a family affair. They seriously need some locks on those doors. Does she have a key to Ted’s place? Anywhere they can be alone to do their business. Or will Alexis forever be like the fly she is the namesake for and have to self-mate?

Alexis adopting Turtle Ted and then promptly losing him was hopefully not a bad omen. Alexis pining for and winning back Ted in past seasons was a beautiful storyline, and seeing her fighting so hard to keep their relationship alive gave us major feels.

Their anniversary date was swoon worthy, but this couple needs a real-life reunion soon. We need to see some sweet kisses between them, stat.

Business Partners

Jocelyn and Moira need to do more stealthy investment pitches, because that was pure gold. We finally got to see Bob again, and it was heartbreaking to hear what happened with Gwen. They were such a cute couple when they hosted poker night, but who can resist a handsome parson?

Johnny and Roland trying and failing to get a business loan to buy the new motel did reveal one important question – how do they run the business if it’s in Stevie’s name? If she walks away, will she sign everything over to Johnny.

Now that Roland and Joceyn have purchased the motel and are business partners with Johnny, we need more seasons of Schitt’s Creek. Who doesn’t want to see the group of them trying to work together and run a business for many years to come?

In upcoming episodes, we will probably see Roland flex his new status and try to make some changes to how things work. And of course, Johnny is going to handle that, oh, so well.

Schitt’s Creek airs 9 p.m. Tuesdays on PopTV.

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