‘Grown-ish’ 3×02 Review: “Damn”

I was beyond excited to watch this weeks Grown-ish titled “Damn,” because like Zoey, I needed answers about how/why Nomi came to be pregnant. The Cal-U crew was divided on their explanations and sympathies, towards Nomi, with Skyy, Chloe and Anna being the most understanding of Nomi’s current situation.

My sympathies were divided as well. I genuinely feel bad for Nomi because she had the tools to change the outcome of this situation, but failed to use them. Then, I got mad at myself for thinking ill of her, because at the end of the day Nomi is still a child, she’s maybe 21?

Nomi’s decision making skills are not rational yet, she was going through a lot and we’ve all been there in our own grief over a bad breakup and school drama. I get her compulsion to want to shut it all away and sleep with this random guy “Phil” and have some form of control back.

BUT, her head was not in the game and even when she could have used birth control she did not, and on top of that I’m not sure this guy and Nomi will ever see each other again. Lets just dive on in, because there is a lot to unpack on this weeks Grown-ish aptly titled “Damn.”

Friendship Drama/Baby Mama Drama

Zoey and I are on the same page, because there is no way in hell I would be okay with my best friend and roommate being pregnant for five months and not tell me! WTF Nomi! Then Nomi just waltzes back into the friend circle like nothing has changed and everything is going to be fine.

Everything is NOT going to be fine, and everything is NOT going to be okay. Nomi, you are going to be a mother in four months and you are a junior in college with your entire life ahead of you.

Damn! I just wanted to scream at Nomi, and I wasn’t mad at Zoey even though everyone else kept saying how judgmental Zoey could be and that Nomi was probably just afraid to tell her.

Nomi wasn’t afraid to fall on that D_ _ ck though, now was she? Chloe and Skyy kept it real the entire episode and I definitely needed their comedic timing because this episode was intense. Everyone had opinion and everyone had thoughts on what Nomi’s next steps should be.

I honestly think Nomi is going to give her baby up for adoption. I think Zoey will be there for her when she comes to that decision and I think her friends will rally around her to support HER decision. I cannot see the writers adding a baby to the mix of the show.

I said what I said.

Aaron! You Are Not The Father!

In tonight’s B-plot, the boys of Zoey’s crew are feeling the weight of Nomi’s announcement as well. They have all slept with girls without using protection and they could have all possibly conceived a child without knowing it.

No one takes this to heart as much as Aaron though, he really needs some anti-anxiety techniques or medication because he was waaaayyyy over the top, even for him. Aaron hunts down this girl, who he slept with years ago. Turns out, she now has a son and he thinks the child is his and that she never told him.

1. That child looked nothing like Aaron

2. Aaron you are not a dad, to anyone

Aaron stalks the little boy on a neighborhood playground, and okay, yes it was odd that the little boy had a rat tail like Aaron, BUT still, I mean come on! Maybe the mom just was fond of your hairstyle Aaron. I’m not, but apparently it stuck with her.

Aarons friends keep trying to assure him that he is not that child’s father and it’s not until Aaron offers the little boy some candy, and his REAL dad intervenes that Aaron’s brain starts to work again and he realizes he was being foolish.


No Judgement, Only Love

By the episodes end, Zoey has a truthful conversation with Luca. Luca tells her that yes, Zoey can be judgemental and maybe that’s why Nomi told him she was pregnant months ago, because she knew Zoey would judge her and make her feel worse than she already did.

Good point Luca, and Zoey did take note, and to bad Luca’s already moved on with another girl, because I actually like the Luca he’s starting to become. Has Luca’s break-up with Zoey brought all this on? Were they both too toxic for one another? Maybe.

Zoey and Luca’s conversation did shut down most of Zoey’s anger at Nomi and made her see things from her friends perspective, which led to a much needed heart to heart between Zoey and Nomi. Both of these girls need this friendship and Nomi needs Zoey to be her rock right now, she still has classes to attend, doctor appointments, and long term decisions to make.

Nomi is terrified and her smiling face and carefree attitude are just a front of the real angst she is feeling. At one point Nomi breaks down in tears and Zoey is there to hug her and tell her it’s okay and that they will get through this together.

But will they?

Grown-ish airs Thursday at 9/8c on Freeform.

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