‘Nancy Drew’ 1x 14 Review: “The Sign of the Uninvited Guest”

Welcome back Nancy Drew fans, it’s been a long two weeks, but this episode was a strong one and we finally solve the mystery of who killed Tiffany Hudson. I bet you all didn’t see that one coming, I sure didn’t. Although Tiffany’s murder was finally put to rest, all it really did was open up another mystery and more questions. We still don’t know who killed Lucy Sable or why and why is she haunting Nancy. Buckle up my lovelies, because this week’s Nancy Drew, “The Sign of the Uninvited Guest” was action packed, we have a lot to discuss, so lets get to it.

The Show Must Go On

Everyone is well and out of the hospital this week, so that’s a plus, looks like Ace’s ex-girlfriend Laura Tandy, a.k.a. Tiffany’s sister is out of her coma and restored to perfect health. Laura, is focused and ready to help Nancy find out who killed Tiffany, once and for all.

That’s easier said than done girl have you been watching at all this season.

It was nice to see Bess take the lead role in this weeks production of Who Killed Tiffany Hudson? Bess was hilarious in her theater manager role and making everyone act out everything they did and giving critiques. I’m sure no one realized how they all played a part in Tiffany’s death, even if it was unintentional. Nancy and the crew decide the best way to solve Tiffany’s murder is to re-enact the night she died, which is creepy but effective. It reminded me of Clue, the 80’s movie minus the dog poop and dead French maid.

What the gang don’t intend on happening is Dead Lucy’s mom busting out of the asylum and paying them a visit at the Claw. Guys, I’m gonna be honest, I almost forgot who she was a first and figured she was a ghost. Ha! This lady was pale A.F. and has huge eyes and kept popping up behind Nancy and Bess unexpectedly. If Georgia would have punched her in the face, I would not have been mad. I thought the mother of Dead Lucy might be vital clue in solving Tiffany’s murder, but it turns out she was just a red herring. Which was a total bummer, the only little nugget she dropped was hints about water, and how “The girl would be there forever.” Was she talking about Lucy? They never have found Lucy’s body. I know Lucy probably drowned in the sea.

Oh whatever Dead Lucy’s mom! Come back when you have some crucial information.

So, Who Killed Tiffany Hudson?

As the gang re-enacts the night Tiffany died they soon realize it was Ryan who ordered the salad and sent it back because he didn’t like the dressing, NOT Tiffany. Georgia was so distracted that night, and didn’t want to serve her lover, Ryan, so she placed his salad by a window, where someone poisoned it.

Dun-Dun-Dun! Therefore, the poison was meant for Ryan NOT Tiffany! OMG. Raise your hand if you saw that coming? Yeah, me either.

Ryan is shook ya’ll and he should be, someone wanted him dead. Nancy and the gang are sent on a spiral after this big reveal and Nancy decides to follow a hunch and figure out how anyone would know Ryan’s order because no one who actually worked at the claw that night, wanted to murder him.

I was not ready for them to solve this murder! I just assumed it would be stretched out until the season finale, BUT nope! The Nancy Drew writers dropped a bombshell and one that I was not expecting. I love when writers do that!

Dead Lucy Still Needs Nancy’s Help

Okay, so we solved Tiffany’s murder but we still need to help Dead Lucy, who in my humble opinion is way more important to this show. Nancy figures that that if the killer was aiming to kill Ryan, then the killer is somehow connected to Lucy. Nancy enlists Ace’s help to restore Tiffany’s thumb drive which had email messages from back in the day from Ryan and Lucy.

Nancy uncovers that the exchanges between the two were heated, and yes they were fighting, in fact Ryan’s last message to her was to slut shame her, and call her a whore, he also tells her that he will never forgive her. But we never learn what this exchange was really about. At one time I thought Lucy might be pregnant, but no one has confirmed that for me, so I’ll let it lie for now. Anyway, per the email exchanges, Ryan and Lucy agree to meet the night she died. But we later learn, that Ryan claims he never sent those emails to Lucy. If Ryan didn’t who did?

Nancy’s figures out that the emails came from Lucy’s brother Josh, and she goes to confront him, and he admits that he meant to poison Ryan, not Tiffany! When Nancy corners him, he electrocutes himself, accidently no less, and he is fried up like a piece of bacon. I didn’t see that one coming either guys.

What is even more interesting and shocking is Josh’s body disappears once the police arrive. Where the hell did he go? Has he been dead this entire time? Was he a ghost? WTF is going on? I told you guys they live on hell mouth! As always Nancy Drew left me with more questions than answers, I was however, excited to see at least one murder solved on this show.

Nancy Drew airs at 9/8c on The CW network.

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