‘Nancy Drew’ 1×13 Review: “The Whisper Box”

Guys! I just want you to know I was pumped for this episode of Nancy Drew because it reminded me of the Buffy episode titled “Normal Again,” where our heroine finds herself in an alternate reality where her mother never died and her home life is seemingly perfect. Except NOT! I’ve told you all again and again how much this show reminds me of my beloved Buffy and I won’t stop saying it, I don’t care if you agree! Lets dive right on in shall we, because we have a lot to cover on this weeks episode of Nancy Drew “The Whisper Box.”

Sweet Dreams

The haunted mansion wanted to keep Nancy a prisoner of her own mind, when she awoke in her home, her mother was alive and well, her father seemed “normal” and all of her friends “actually liked her” that was Nancy’s quote not mine. Ha! In this reality, Georgia still worked at the claw but was less sullen and had bouncy shiny hair, which I loved. Bess, was an Instagram influencer (obviously), Ace was the same and Nick had never met Nancy before. I dug that no matter what reality Nancy was trapped in, her friends were there to help her follow the clues and solve the mystery. In dream Nick’s case, he blindly helped Nancy because he felt compelled too.

Turns out that in Nancy’s new reality the mental hospital doesn’t exist but Nick just bought a house on the property the hospital stands in Nancy’s real reality. I know mind trippy right? Also, Tiffany Hudson is alive in this reality, though we never see her and Ryan is actually a decent human being! That part was really weird, but the biggest shocker was that Nancy and Ryan were secret keepers for each other, which was BIZZARE, but it worked to move the plot along, so I’ll allow it.

Nick thinks his new house is haunted and it is, because of course its really the mansion in disguise as a house. Nicks house has a weird yellow door that won’t open and also doesn’t fit the design of the rest of the house. Ryan tells Nancy, that the key is hidden, but she told him, if she ever needed it, give her the clues to find it, which he does. I found the door in Nicks house reminded me of Netflix’s the OA and even a little bit of the “red room” on The Haunting of Hill House. We all know what happens when locked doors become unlocked, in haunted mansions, it never ends well.

The Scooby Gang Rides Again

What I love the most about this show is the friend group. I absolutely looove each and every one of these humans. No matter what reality they are trapped in, they always come through in the clutch for each other. That’s what friends do. I love it.

In our reality its up to Ace and Bess to find the priest who originally sealed the wing in the haunted mansion. They obtain a bottle of holy water which will be needed to get Nancy out of the “whisper box” room safely. The spirits that haunt that room have other ideas though and when the group tries to remove Nancy from the room she starts convulsing and foaming at the mouth. Not good, and also scary to watch. I was at a loss for words of wisdom and I have watched a lot of supernatural shows guys.

Ace is the smart one in times of stress, because he remembers when he was trapped in the shadow realm, the only thing that kept him in our world was his friends talking to him, so each Nancy’s friends take turns talking to her to keep her grounded and guide her home. There was a nice touch from the writers, each time a friend talked to Nancy a blue handwritten note would fall from the sky, by the end of the episode Nancy’s house was littered with them and she desperately wanted out of the dream reality, she knew it wasn’t real.

I was happy Nancy got to say goodbye to her mom, not through a painful death but on her own terms. Nancy new that her mother was not alive anymore and even though a piece of her wanted to stay in that dream reality forever, a really huge part of her knew that she was who she was because of the pain, and grief she suffered. Well done writers. Nancy has had some major growth this season and closing that chapter on her mothers death was one of them.

The Secret Keeper of Horseshoe Bay

Through out this episode Nancy is dropped some pretty weird clues, which mean nothing to her in the dream reality but will mean a lot in her real reality. Clue number one, those damned burned hands that kept reaching out for her and scared the bejesus out me. Clue number two, the weird powder blue curtains hanging in all the windows and bed sheets that walked towards her then disappeared. I hate jump scares, just to be clear and this episode was full of them.

When the real Scooby Gang finally wakes up the real Nancy, she tells them all about her dream reality and how it was kinda like Oz in a way, with everyone being a different version of themselves but at their core they remained the same. Ace was bummed that he was exactly the same, while everyone else was drastically different, that was actually really funny. I was hoping Nancy might tell the real Nick that she slept with dream Nick, but I really think that’s just Nancy’s subconscious trying to gain closure from their ended relationship. I’m not sure it really means anything, I was hoping Nick would lean on Georgia more but that didn’t happen. Oh well!

Nancy is welcomed back home by her dad who is on house arrest and the two share a much needed hug and you can see the relief pour over them both. Nancy’s dad is finally helpful too, because he helps her figure out that the key she’s been carrying around belongs to the Horseshoe Bay historical society, it’s their symbol. Aha! I screamed at my t.v. now we are getting somewhere. Then came the biggest wtf moment of the night, when Nancy goes to the historical society, not only is it Nicks’ house from the dream reality, but it has those damn blue curtains hanging in the windows! I know right.

Nancy rings the doorbell and I am stunned when a woman answers the door, with the burned hands from dream reality and tells Nancy’s she’s the “secret keeper” of the town. Holy shit! This town just keeps getting weirder, is this woman a witch? A ghost? Is Nancy the only one who can see her? Gah! So many questions, but the writers answered none of them. What they did leave us with was, Tiffany was investigating Lucy’s death and she knew Lucy was haunting her. Did Lucy kill her? As the secret keeper unlocks Tiffany’s safe deposit box with the key Nancy acquired, she plays a video message Tiffany left and Dead Lucy jumps out in the background of the screen and screams at Nancy. Yikers!

I’m here for this guys, I love it and I want to know who killed both of these women and I want to know now! It better not end up being Twin Peaks either. See you guys next week!

Nancy Drew airs on The CW at 9/8c.

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