10 Details from the Final ‘Black Widow’ Trailer

Marvel fans, it’s time to rejoice! We are less than two months away from Natasha Romanoff  returning to theaters in her solo film Black Widow. It’s over a decade in the making and fans are understandably clamoring for any content they can get. Luckily for them, Marvel released a final trailer for the highly anticipated film.

I want to break down some of the details of this trailer with you.

1. Yelena’s Moves

The other Black Widow trailers and TV spots have given fans tons of footage of Natasha kicking ass, and this final trailer gives Yelena her own time to shine. I never underestimated Yelena’s agility and strength, and it is reassuring to see that Black Widow hasn’t either.

2. Iron Maiden’s Mask

Fans of the comics know that Rachel Weiz’s Melina Vostokoff also goes by the alias Iron Maiden. I wrote about Melina in a discussion of some other Black Widow footage. It was too early to know if the film would actually feature Melina as Iron Maiden.

This new footage leads me to believe if Melina doesn’t go by the title in the film, the comic-accurate mask in the background may be a subtle nod to the fans who do know about her secret identity.

3. Red Guardian’s Shield

Of course I wrote about Alexei aka Red Guardian in an earlier article as well. The final trailer gives fans even more to go on with this character. We are able to see more of his combat skills and even how he handles his shield.

This new footage also suggests that Alexei may not go down the same route as the comics, because he doesn’t seem to be Natasha’s estranged ex-husband in Black Widow. He looks to be more romantically involved with Melina and more of a paternal figure to Yelena and Nat. I’m not against this twist to canon; it’s actually making me pay even closer attention.

4. Iron Man 2 Footage

Nearly every bit of Taskmaster footage highlights the villain’s unique gift of replicating the combat skills of their adversaries. The final trailer offers a quick moment of Taskmaster studying Natasha Romanoff’s introduction into the MCU. That’s right, Taskmaster is seen watching actual scenes from Iron Man 2.

This is both compelling and eerie. It is compelling in the sense that Taskmaster is clearly preparing for a duel with the infamous Black Widow, trying to capture the likeness of her every move. However, it is eerie because Taskmaster has been watching Natasha from the very beginning.

Who’s to say Taskmaster isn’t keeping track of every Avenger?

5. Taskmaster’s Claws

During Taskmaster’s battle with Red Guardian, the antagonist is sure to flash some very familiar claws. This detail adds to the fact that Black Widow takes place between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. It looks like Taskmaster makes some serious upgrades to their suit after studying T’Challa’s technique during the final Captain America film.

6. Natasha vs Black Widows

The trailer gives us a closer look at Natasha facing off against other Black Widows. The mission of the film looks to be stopping the treatment of transforming young women into trained assassins. Sadly, it looks like Natasha will have to go up against some of the women in the program in order to save them.

7. Yelena’s Wound

The trailer isn’t all high stakes and big fights. It also features a nice, calmer moment between Natasha and Yelena. They share a few drinks over stories of what Yelena thinks Natasha’s life has been like. A closer look at the scene makes a bandage on Yelena’s arm more obvious.

Getting hurt is part of the superhero gig. Although, Yelena’s injuries only add fuel to the flame that she won’t survive Black Widow. I’m optimistic that Yelena will live to see another day beyond this film, and that has a lot to do with my wish for Yelena to take over the mantle of Black Widow.

8. Natasha’s Family

We also get to see more of that infamous dining table scene so many trailers and TV spots feature. It gets better and funnier each time something new about this scene is revealed. This time around we get to see Melina and Alexei tell Nat to sit up straight and some bickering between Yelena and Nat.

The family dynamic is firmly intact, and I am obsessed with it.

9. Potential Face Swap

Comics fans are keeping their eyes out for any signs that a face swap storyline could happen on screen. Those same fans were quick to tweet about a shot in the final trailer that looks like it could be the beginning of a face swap operation.

If this is real, does this mean Yelena and Nat will swap faces like they do in the comics or will Yelena swap faces with someone else? I have so many questions.

10. Sisterly Bond

The most important aspect of the Black Widow trailer is the sisterly bond between Natasha and Yelena. It is on full display, and I cannot get enough of it.

There’s one heartbreaking moment from the trailer that I can’t stop thinking about. There’s a moment where Nat and Yelena look more heartbroken than joyous. Nat holds her sister in her arms as tears fall down her face.

It’s hard to believe this is a momentous reunion after a big fight when it appears to be a tearful goodbye. I’m still going to stay optimistic about Yelena’s survival, but this moment gives me major doubts.

What did you think of the final Black Widow trailer? What are you most excited to see in the movie?

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