‘Nancy Drew’ 1×17 “The Girl in The Locket” Review

Welcome back, Nancy Drew fans! Its been a long time since we’ve had any new episodes on our screens, and I for one am thankful that I had something to watch again on Wednesday nights. Apparently, although production was halted, the producers of Nancy Drew still have some episodes to air for this season.

This episode picks right back up where we left off, with Nancy reeling from finding out that she is Dead Lucy’s daughter, and also her dad is Ryan Hudson. It was very Days of Our Lives, and I loved it. I told you all last time that I didn’t see that twist coming, and it was nice that the episode started right back with her trying to ingest the news, while also throwing snarky remarks at Carson Drew.

Guess what else came back? That damn Agaleca sea demon! Just when you thought Horseshoe Bay might be getting safer, here she comes having people vomit up ropes, bugs falling out of their hair and fish hooks in their hands. It was very gross, and you guys know I hate vomit! We have a lot to unpack this week, on Nancy Drew‘s “The Girl in The Locket”, so lets dive in shall we.

Nancy, Ryan Hudson is Your Father

Well, the cat is out of bag! It only took us 17 episodes to get here. Ryan found out that Dead Lucy was carrying his child, but he has no idea that child is Nancy. Which makes this family reunion all the more weird. Basically, Ryan’s parents drove Lucy to her death, and now Nancy is left with a crazy grandma, an uncle who is a murderer, two dead mamas and her entire childhood is based on lies. When I tell you Nancy Drew was soap opera city last night, it surely was and I ain’t mad at it.

Do I care that Ryan is the baby daddy? Nope. If I’m being honest, it’s a hellavuah plot twist and puts Georgia and Nancy in an awkward position, since Georgia slept with her dad. Let that sink in for a minute. I fully believe that Dead Lucy gave Nancy to the Drew’s to raise. I think Lucy knew her mom was crazy, and didn’t have the financial means to care for a baby. I also think she realized that the Drews were unable to have kids, so she gifted them her only child, Nancy.

Do I think Nancy has a right to be upset? Absolutely! Especially since the entire season has been devoted to her being haunted by her dead mother and getting her father off the hook for a murder he didn’t commit. Now all of sudden Carson Drew and his deceased wife, were not her biological parents, and both lied to her and kept her from uncovering the truth. I get that Nancy cannot just forget all of that and trust Carson.

Boy Bye.

The Marvin’s Are Bat shit Crazy

Rich people are crazy ya’ll. The Marvin’s are Bad, Rich and Bougie. That Grandmother is like the mafia Don of Horseshoe Bay. Bitch told Bess to go ahead and date her lady lover because it will be good to know what the police think of their family. Oh, for real? That’s how you roll Grandma? Okay.

This was really the B-story line, but it tied into the main story line so that’s why I’m including it. Bess’s Grandmother had a birthday and asked Bess to plan it, of course it was perfect, and all of the other cousins were upset because Bess just showed up outta no where and upstaged them all.

What Bess didn’t bargain for was the dead body of her cousin and Nancy’s lover, Owen. What the actual fuck, CW writers? I did not expect ya’ll to kill off a hot character. This ain’t Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens.

We all know Bess will be fired and this will go down as the worst birthday party in history.

Damn Bess, you were just starting to make some headway in that crazy family of yours.

Sea Demon’s Are The Worst

Well, Nancy didn’t pay the price for her sacrifice to the Agalaeca, not properly anyway, and so that demon was seeking revenge and penance in the form of stalking all of Nancy’s friends. What does she want? I kept asking. Obviously Nancy is not going to join her in the deep blue sea. That demon wants blood and if anyone had bothered to watch Buffy besides me, you would know demons cannot be tricked, it only pisses them off more.

Nancy, you in trouble girl. You got two dads now, and honestly both are pretty shady. You have two dead moms, a dead lover in the bathtub, and like, someone is definitely going to be blamed for Owen’s death and go to jail. Georgia’s mom tried to tell them that none of this would end well. I hear you girl, but no one listens to you but ME!

Also do you all remember the bit of foreshadowing the writers did, when Nancy first called to Agalaeca? Nancy saw Owen die, not in a bathtub, he was actually stabbed in the head, but same deal right? Point is, Owen is dead and it’s Nancy’s fault. Bring on the angst that will be season 2.

This show just keeps getting better, it has so many plot twists and I don’t see them coming, which is bananas. I love it.

Nancy Drew airs on the CW Network on Wednesdays at 9/8C.

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