‘Nancy Drew’ 1×16 Review: “The Haunting of Nancy Drew”

Welcome back Nancy Drew Fans! “The Haunting of Nancy Drew” was a doozy! OMG so much happened and all the mysteries were solved. I did not expect it, I was excited for it and am very excited Nancy Drew got picked up for a season 2, because I most definitely need more!

In this week’s episode of Nancy Drew, “The Haunting of Nancy Drew” we learn Nancy is Dead Lucy’s daughter! Gasp, I know. Georgia and Nick finally get together, about time! And, most importantly Dead Lucy committed suicide right after she had Nancy, because the entire town slut shamed her and drove her to that point of despair.

No one killed her! Damn. It was brutal to watch, but equally enjoyable. Let’s dive in because we have a lot to discuss.

I Just Took a DNA Test, Turns Out I’m 100% Dead Lucy’s Daughter  

Oh, Nancy, I really feel for you girl. This season has taken you on a roller coaster ride. I’m not gonna lie, I did not see this coming, although I assumed Dead Lucy got pregnant, hence her urgency to meet Ryan in secret. I never assumed Nancy was the baby, or even remotely put that together. Well done, writers. I really thought, Dead Lucy was pushed off that cliff by Nancy’s dad or mom, honestly and that is why she was haunting Nancy. I mean honestly guys, all she does is scream at her and like disrupt her electrical devices, how was I to know that Lucy was just trying to reach out to her daughter.

Nancy figures this out because obviously she is an amazing detective and has gone in deep into this supernatural world that is Horseshoe Bay a.k.a. the new Hellmouth. What I didn’t expect was Ryan to be her dad, even though duh! It should have been so obvious. I mean… EWWWW. He slept with Nancy’s best friend Georgia and his family, are legit mass murders. The freaking Hudson’s are a terrible family.  Nancy is a Hudson by birth. It blew my mind.

13 Reasons Why

Okay, this is why small towns suck. Lucy Sable was a vibrant, happy, smart girl with her entire future ahead of her. Then she meets and falls in love with Ryan Hudson and her entire world is torn apart in a matter of months. The Hudson’s manipulated the town into slut shaming Lucy and shunning her, I’m still not sure how she wound up as town Sea Queen but that’s neither here nor there.

What is worth noting is the fact that she felt like she had no one to turn to, not even her best friend Karen. Lucy was pregnant and scared and felt very alone. I ached for her. Lucy had Nancy on the clifftops, alone and frightened. What a badass bitch! What is even more deep is the fact Lucy was going to kill herself and her unborn baby by suicide until she went into labor right there on the rocks and had to forego that plan.

Lucy is so traumatized, and I mean who wouldn’t be? 

Then Lucy jumps into the ocean. She was never pushed or stabbed or murdered or anything.

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

Ryan never knew about the baby, and that was because Lucy kept that a secret from everyone except for Carson Drew and his wife. We all know that Ryan Hudson’s parents are ass wipes. They threatened Lucy and that is why she finally broke up with Ryan, I think Ryan genuinely loved her, or at least cared for her deeply. It’s a shame too, because I wonder how different a person Ryan would have been if he had been the one to raise Nancy and not the Drew’s?

Holy Batman guys! I mean the plot freaking thickens. Can you imagine? Nancy’s mom and dad, basically promised Lucy they would raise the baby as their own child, and love her. Carson has always obeyed that promise. He loves Nancy’s with his whole heart. Okay Carson, from this point on I trust you and I no longer think you are a murderer. Now I know why you wanted Nancy to leave this case alone and walk away. I’m sorry for ever doubting you Carson. XOXO

Team Work, Makes the Dream Work

I have never under estimated the power of Georgia, Nick, Ace, and Bess. They are the Scooby Gang and they are the new Willow, Xander, and Cordelia. Loooove them, with my whole heart. They shined in this episode, helping Nancy from the sidelines and offering feedback when she needed it.

I screamed at my TV when Nick and Georgia finally shared a kiss. I love them together, it’s a much better fit than Nancy and Nick. Georgia and Nick are easy to watch together on screen and their banter is hilarious. I hope this continues into next season. Georgia needs a man she can trust and who has her best interests at heart.

Hopefully there is no drama surrounding this hookup. Nancy has moved on with Owen and Nick with Georgia. I hope things are not weird. I don’t want a stupid love triangle to mess up the Scooby Gang’s vibe.

Important Takeaways:

  • Will Nancy tell Ryan he is her birth father?
  • Neither Nancy nor Owen have paid their blood toll to the Agleaca, so one of them must die right?
  • Is Dead Lucy really gone?
  • Why is there another detective assigned to Tiffany Hudson’s death? Nancy already solved that case.
  • Do we trust the new Chief of Police?
  • Can Ryan Hudson be redeemed now that he’s a father?
  • Can someone besides me acknowledge Nancy lives on Hellmouth?

Nancy Drew airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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