‘Schitt’s Creek’ Season 6 Review: A Fabulous Ending

In the final season of Schitt’s Creek, we said goodbye to the Rose family. Each episode brought us character moments that reminded us why we fell in love with the show in the first place. In the lead up to David and Patrick’s wedding, we saw them grow closer as a couple. Alexis and Stevie both proved to be strong, independent women – ready to face the world. Johnny and Moira made decisions to move forward in their careers.

The show’s writing team carefully crafted a last season that led to a satisfactory ending – and other showrunners should take note. This is how you give your fans a proper goodbye with closure. Besides the series ending, this season of Schitt’s Creek was filled with a lot of great relationship building, hilarious scenes, and emotional storylines we will never forget.

Wedding Planning

Obviously, the big storyline all season that we were the most excited about was the impending nuptials of David and Patrick. The season premiere kicked off the festivities as they looked at an expensive venue, and we knew then that the couple plus Stevie and Alexis would be the wedding planning dream team.

The planning of the wedding and all the events that went with provided with not only hilarious content (orange Patrick and the engagement photos, David’s nighttime tinkling), but sweet character moments that revealed just how important our OTP is to the Rose family.  

Alexis proved to be an amazing sister by relinquishing her crown as best man to Stevie. Stevie turned out to be perfect for the job. She called David out for his lavish wish list (telling him he could have the bachelor party of his dreams if he paid for it). Stevie also made sure Patrick got everything he wanted at the party.

When Stevie struggled with things like fashion advice, Alexis came in to help.  If only the youngest Rose could apply that advice for herself, because she overcompensated in her desire to impress her brother with her own wedding attire. Honestly, the final moment between the Rose siblings at the wedding was absolutely the sweetest – even if people thought they looked like the bride and groom.

Johnny also provided an emotional moment when it came to the wedding planning. He faced the possibility of not being able to afford the catering for David’s wedding when their business had a setback. While Johnny was usually the positive spirited one of the family, for the first time we saw him break over the fact that he no longer had money set aside for his son’s wedding like he did before they lost everything. It was a raw moment for the character, and it was great to see. Johnny also choked up when having the conversation with Patrick about taking care of his son.

Our OTP is Married

Let’s face it…we were all Moira at the wedding. Trying to get through the event but crying our eyes out.  It was amazing how the entire town came together to make David and Patrick’s big day happen.

Patrick wowed us with his vows (and we love to hear Noah sing). The heart eyes between the two throughout the wedding were through the roof. Really, this entire season has been a good one for David and Patrick. David started out the season wondering if they could divorce before they were even married because of his nighttime accident. But they ended the season as a married couple with a new home.

Our OTP proved they are one of the best on screen pairings when it comes to communication with a partner. When they encountered the possibility of a threesome and that infamous happy ending on their wedding day – they faced everything immediately. Things that easily could have turned out to be a “big thing” were resolved quickly. The only real angst between the two was when David wanted to move to New York and Patrick wanted to stay in Schitt’s Creek.

But our favorite couple awed us once again by their willingness to sacrifice their happiness for the other. Hopefully, they have a long and happy life in Schitt’s Creek, with Stevie always around to keep them in line.

Stevie Found Her Way

Speaking of our girl Stevie, Season 6 was also really great for her character development. At the end of the previous season, she had just finished her run in Cabaret, and was ready to see more of the world. Stevie started her job at Larry Air at the beginning of the season, only to realize that Rose Bud Motels was exactly where she belonged.

The look on Johnny’s face when Stevie came back to the business was one of the best moments all season. The mentorship relationship between the two of them took a turn as well this year, with Stevie reading his book and being the one to suggest that they go into the motel franchise business. She held her own during the business pitch in New York.

Now they just have Roland to contend with as a partner, but he has proven to be helpful as well. In the end, Stevie said farewell to the Rose parents with the other kids. Which is exactly where she belonged.

Alexis is All Grown Up

Another Rose child that did a lot of growing this year was Alexis. Of everyone in the family, we could probably say that Alexis is the one that matured and changed the most since they lost their wealth. She was the only one to admit that in the finale as well, bringing up several times that she is glad they lost everything.

We should have known that things would not work out for Alexis and Ted at the beginning of the season when she got the dates mixed up and couldn’t join him in Galapagos. We got hints that things weren’t great when they struggled to have a long-distance relationship.

But we were not prepared for the break-up. We get it, we really do. But Alexis and Ted are a beautiful ship, and we hate to see it break up.

Still, while we hated that it happened, it was a sure sign of maturity for Alexis. Throughout the entire series, she was always telling stories about how she followed a guy somewhere. Now, she has chosen herself and her career. You know what we call that? Growth!  

It was also refreshing to see a breakup on television that wasn’t filled with anger or bitterness at all. It was a sweet, sad moment. And for our shipper needs – we will always have fanfiction.

Alexis learned that it is okay for her to be alone, and that she has friends and family to come home to whenever she needs them.

Johnny Trusts Others

Johnny and Moira said goodbye to their children and moved out of Schitt’s Creek, but they also saw some growth as characters this season. Johnny is back to being a businessman, but he learned to trust better people this time. While he was hesitant to accept the fledgling firm’s offer, Stevie and Roland convinced him to and it paid off.

Throughout the season, he and Roland have had a sort of adversarial type of friendship. But when Roland bought a stake in the business, Johnny had to learn to start seeing him as more of an equal. While he sometimes still did outlandish things, Roland really stepped up and helped at times. The repainted Schitt’s Creek sign at the end of the series showed just how much their friendship had changed.

Johnny also showed us this season how much he stepped as a father compared to their past life. He stepped in when Alexis was making bad decisions after her break-up with Ted. Their conversation had us all in our feels. And we loved how he bonded with Patrick.

Johnny and Moira’s marriage was stronger than ever at the end of the series too. Throughout the season, Johnny continued to support his wife in her career, all while trying to build his own. Still, when she became successful again, he moved heaven and earth to be with her in L.A.

Moira’s Power Play

Moira changed more than just her wigs this season (that finale wedding wig was the best). She started the year as someone desperate to return to her life of fame.  The Crows Have Eyes II: The Crowening premiere was one of the funniest moments of the season, and it got Moira trending again worldwide. Watching her do a social media takeover, winetasting, radio spot and all the other things that came with her success were hilarious.

But the best thing that came out of her newfound fame was her return to her beloved soap. The absolute power of our queen when she made the demand that her former costar be fired and that she receive a diamond tennis bracelet. Moira went from desperate has-been in the industry to a power player. We love to see it.

Family Closeness

While the Rose family ended the season going off on their own, they are bonded more than ever. Patrick was welcomed into the fold heartily, between working with the ladies to keep the viral video about David’s tinkling quiet and his talk with Johnny.

The Rose family was all there for Alexis after her breakup, and went all in to help David still have his wedding when the storm rolled in. They all participated in the escape room, and were there with signs cheering on Johnny, Stevie and Roland for their trip to NYC. The Season 1 Rose family we first met would not have dreamed of supporting each other in such a way.

David and Patrick are building their home in Schitt’s Creek. Hopefully, it will be a hub for family gatherings for years to come. And while we may not be able to visit the Rose family anymore, we can believe that they will be visiting each other.

Season 6 of Schitt’s Creek made us laugh and cry, just like most seasons on the show. But the fact that we will not be able to visit it again made it all the more bittersweet. We love that the entire season reinforced the growth each character has experienced, and we leave knowing they will all be happy.

That is how you carefully and skillfully end a series. Thanks to the cast, crew and writer’s of Schitt’s Creek for a stellar season. And now we start our rewatch.

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