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‘Outlander’ 5×09 Advanced Review: “Monsters and Heroes”

One of these days Outlander will deliver an episode that doesn’t feel like an all-out assault on our emotions. Outlander 5×09 “Monsters and Heroes” is not that episode, however, as the hour runs the gamut of emotions by focusing on the things this show does best: family, and oh yes, Jamie and Claire.

That family has long been about more than just the four main characters, and this episode does a beautiful job of giving Ian, Fergus and Marsali something more to do than stand and around and let things happen around them, which is very welcome, as those characters have suffered from the show trying to condense storylines more than anyone else.

Emotionally, however, and never more so than this episode, the center is Jamie, and though Sam Heughan had a couple of scenes to show his range the last couples of episodes, this hour fully belongs to him. It’s a crime that this show hasn’t gotten the awards recognition it deserves, acting wise, and that Heughan has been reduced to a pretty face – but thankfully, we have hours like this to remind us that there was a lot more to us (and Claire) falling for Jamie.

Here are some takeaways from “Monsters and Heroes”:

  • These Fraser women can do absolutely everything – and when I say everything, I really, really mean it.
  • A particular scene between Marsali and Claire made me tear up so much that I had to pause the episode. Who ever thought these two would give me feels?
  • Fergus and Ian get a really good scene together, too, which is a welcome sight after weeks and weeks of Fergus just being there.
  • I keep saying this, but at this point it’s not even borderline …I might have to admit I like Roger now. Who knew?!
  • Brianna has a revelation about what she wants to do with her life in this episode that forever changes the fate of her family.
  • Someone says very, very harsh words to Jamie in this episode. He mostly deserved them.
  • If Jemmy could keep quiet, life would be much simpler.
  • This episode might be the first time this family feels really and fully like a family.
  • Caitriona Balfe plays Claire with a level of inner strength we would all dream of having.
  • The final scene before the episode fades to black is one of my favorite scenes of the entire season.

Are you excited for “Monsters and Heroes”? Share your expectations with us in the comments below!

Outlander airs Sundays at 8/7c on Starz.

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  1. After we lost Karamel on Supergirl, I found Jamie and Claire and this show is my all time favorite. This show has all around top quality acting from all the actors, , but Sam, Cait , and even Sophie are particularly amazing. I have thought Roger was miscast but the actor playing him has been growing on me, too. Jamie and Claire are my all time favorite ship now ( although I could Also get with Brett and Casey on Chicago Fire). Acting and writing is all around superb. Thank you for this wonderful review. I love you guys..

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