‘Survive’, Episode 3: “Please Remain Seated”

I really love Survive. (Read our review of Episode 1 and Episode 2.) Sure, I am behind, but stop your judgement. Life is busy. But a ten minute show fit into bubble bath time tonight, so you’re welcome.

Survive picks up right where it left off. Jane is in the bathroom, opening up the door and realizing that she’s face to face with a man. Cause she’s in the men’s room.

The man that she comes face to face with asks if she’s okay. She says she is, but I mean – don’t we all say that we are. None of us want to tell a stranger that it feels as if the world is falling apart.

Jane, you can tell that she loves and fears the vulnerability that she is exhibiting. The way that someone wants to care about her, to see her, but it doesn’t matter because she doesn’t see the goodness in herself. She’s lost.

The man that she has run into – Paul – wants to make sure that she is okay. He sees that something is wrong and yes, part of that is because she freaks out. But the thing that I instantly like about Paul? Well, that is that he doesn’t run. Because I don’t know about you, but I would worry being in an airport with someone doing that.

Jane goes to take a seat and her flight is delayed. She’s not thrilled about it and I am surprised. Jane has her plan. She’s going to get on this flight and end her life.

She doesn’t want anything stopping her.

All of the sudden, here’s Paul again. He’s got what I think are churros, but I am not sure. He’s trying to talk to Jane and make sure that she’s okay – offering her food, and well – to be honest, he’s a little flirty. And I have to say that I would have fallen for his charm.

Cause the man is charming as fuck.

Jane though, she’s keeping her distance and doesn’t want what he’s offering. She’s concentrating on her plan, but she’s trying to be kind and I think it’s because she wants him to think that everything is okay. She wants no one to have any sign that things aren’t okay. What if that means that they would keep her from getting on that plane?

But there is something about Paul. At least to me. He’s this man that wants to be kind, but he doesn’t realize that he leaves an impression on every soul that he meets.

Finally they get on the plane and wouldn’t you know that the two are sitting next to each other.

One can’t blame Paul that he’s got this attitude like he’s supposed to be there for this girl. I’d be like shit – this is kismet. If I was him I would think this is a sign that I am supposed to be with this person.

He tries to talk to her, but after a bit, Jane – scared of making that connection – tells him that she’s tired. And like the gentleman that he is, he gets quiet and lets her have her sleep.

When in the air, Jane heads to the restroom with her pills. She’s ready.

She’s ready to say goodbye.

Jane sets her pills on the counter, which fucking disgusting. Like no. I wanted to vomit right then and there.

Turbulence hits and the flight attendant tells her to go back to her seat. Jane says one moment, and this is when you know that it’s going to get really bad. You can just feel it.

And your feelings would be right.

The turbulence hits and Jane doesn’t make it back to her seat. The plane is going down!

Let me just say this – I hate flying. But after seeing Jane being stuck in the bathroom with the plane going down and her flying everywhere as it’s crashing? I will now pay attention when they tell me to stay in my seat. I will not second guess it.

I will pay attention.

I apologize to all of the flight attendants that I ever thought were just being assholes.

Survive is picking up and I am interested to see where it goes.

Are you watching?

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