‘Survive’ Episode 8, “The Weight”

Secrets. Memories. Moments.

They all carry a certain weight on our souls. They change us. They move us. They destroy us.

And sometimes they make us a stronger person.

When it comes to Jane and Paul, the two have yet to realize their strength, though I believe that they are seeing it in each other. But what is of the most importance is that they start to see it in themselves.

They are in the cave, Paul waiting for Jane to wake up. He’s holding her hand, waiting for her to wake up. When she does he’s relieved. She’s thankful AF that he didn’t let her die and came to save her.

I guess this was a moment that I just don’t totally get, because I have never been in it – but when they worst of things happen, these two let down their guards and allowed the other person in.

Paul admits to Jane that he had changed his seat to sit next to her. He was smitten with her.

Jane admits to him the reasons that she had tried to kill herself. She used to love Christmas, but one Christmas morning she was woken up to a gunshot. That gunshot was her father committing suicide. Jane found him, with the big hole in his head.

It was too much for her – as it would be for anyone. It’s traumatizing and will continue to affect her life. Jane has felt less than because her father decided to leave her.

That will always be the memory that she has of him. She will always think of that and that’s so much for anyone. So I can get it, I can understand all to well. She’s never going to have a normal life.

Paul wants Jane to see her worth. He cares about her. He’s attracted to her and thinks highly of her.

How many days or hours go by with them in the cabin, I am unsure of. But it comes time that they need to be leaving and Jane tells him that it’s bad out there.

She says maybe they should stay for one more night. She see’s that Paul is in pain. She asks to see his stomach and where he was injured. She notices that it is really bad.

She notices that it’s gotten progressively worse. She reiterates that they should stay put for one more day. He protests, but realizes that he needs to rest.

Paul asks if she still has the pills. He looks as though his pain level is at like a 9, in which case I wouldn’t want move either.

He asks her if there is enough for two. He wants to make sure that they have an exit strategy if they need one.

These two are in a state where it feels as though everything is wrong and nothing will ever be okay. But the truth is they don’t know what is going to happen and that is kinda terrifying.

But I put nothing past them. I put nothing past these two, but I don’t want to see them give up.

Because that would be a travesty.

Survive is streaming now on Quibi.

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