The Official Trailer For ‘Gabriel’s Inferno’ Is Here

The day has finally arrived.  The official trailer for Gabriel’s Inferno is here.

Passionflix, the streaming service created by Tosca Musk for the purpose of bringing some of our favorite romance books to life onscreen, has just released the official trailer for Gabriel’s Inferno.

Based on the book by New York Times best selling author Sylvain Reynard, Gabriel’s’ Inferno tells the story of Julia Mitchell a graduate student who falls in love with her Italian literature professor Gabriel Emerson.  There is more to the story though.  Unbeknownst to Gabriel, he and Julia share a past which is what draws them to one another.  At first he doesn’t remember her but when he does, he believes she was sent back to him as his own personal Angel.

Gabriel has a past full of demons and even though he has moved forward in his life, he still feels he is beyond redemption.  Julia reappearing after all these years, gives him hope he may finally get it.

Last November, we were given our first mini teaser as a way of introducing us to our Gabriel (Giulio Berruti) and Julia (Melanie Zanetti).  The moment I first saw them, I thought they were both perfect.  Giulio is gorgeous and he is exactly how I pictured Gabriel.  Melanie is beautiful and has the ability to convey the innocence and fierceness that Julia has.

Perfect right? I think so.  In March we were given two more short teasers take a look below:

I love every single one of these.  Now I know Passionflix has not had the best track record with their films.  I have watched a few and I agree some have been a bit on the cheesy side and some of the acting isn’t that phenomenal.  I have high hopes that Gabriel’s Inferno will be better though.

The official trailer looks amazing to me and i’m excited.

Take a look:

According to Passionflix, Gabriels Inferno will be released in two parts and this is part one.  At this time, there is no date for when part two will be released. What I do know is, part one needs to be really good otherwise people might not care if part two comes or not.  The Gabriel’s Inferno book series has a pretty big fan base and as we all know, fans can be brutal.  I just hope part one does well because I myself am really looking forward to this.

Gabriel’s Inferno Part One premieres May 29th on Passionflix

What are your thoughts on the Gabriel’s Inferno official trailer? tell us in the comments.

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