‘The Baker and The Beauty’ 1×06: “Side Effects”

The sad thing in life is that people look for vulnerabilities in others. Sometimes it is to help others and sometimes it is to take advantage of others. But no matter which of the two it is, it’s one of the ugliest parts of life.

And it is a part of life that we may not notice affects more than just ourselves. It effects everyone around us. Why? Because we change. And sometimes change is scary.

Sometimes change is the one thing that we don’t want to go through. It’s like taking a giant leap, not knowing if there is a safety net. Will someone catch us if we fall?

On this week’s The Baker and The Beauty, I would have to say that the theme was change.

I went into this episode, expecting to hate Vanessa again. I expected to feel sorry for Noa and despise Mateo. And I learned quickly to not underestimate this show. Because what it will do is shock you.



Celebrity is like a bright and shiny thing. You see it and you think about how amazing it has to be. There is so much that we think we know, but so much that we always need to be learning.

Daniel is in that honeymoon phase. He sees only this new life that Noa can offer him, but overlooks that there is a lot more going on than just this life. Now, I get that he’s a grown ass man and can make the choices he wants to make in his life. But in my opinion, he’s thinking with his penis versus his brain.

He’s not there when he’s supposed to be for his family. When his Dad has the contractor there, because remember they are expanding, Daniel isn’t there. He’s at an interview with Noa. She doesn’t need him, but he is so fascinated by her life that he’s there.

It’s then that we find out – during her interview – that Vanessa has also given an interview. Daniel thinks he’s helping Noa when he pulls the fire alarm to get her out of the interview.

Let me tell you what a bad idea that is. Most celebrities can handle the bullshit questions, and I assure you if they can’t – they have a Lewis in their life that will protect them. Pulling a fire alarm – to no one’s shock – will result in making national news.

I get that Daniel wants to protect Noa. I get that he’s looking at her and he sees something bright and shiny. Don’t get me wrong, I truly believe that he cares about her but I don’t think he’s acting normal on any level. And that’s what worries me.

Daniel wants to believe that their lives can combine – that they can be the same and have a relationship and their jobs will not affect it. But the thing is – it’s not that simple. He’s gotta stop being doe eyed and thinking he can protect her.

Daniel thinks that he can fix everything – but he can’t. The man who did Vanessa’s interview asks Daniel to tell his side of the story, but Daniel refuses. And hey, I can admire that. But he has to know that his story is going to be told the way the press wants if he doesn’t tell his side. And hey, I admire the fact that he doesn’t.

But at some point he has to start making smarter decisions. And showing up at Vanessa’s isn’t the smartest thing to do. The paps are everywhere and they are waiting for his latest slip up.

I admire the fact that Vanessa stood up for herself and told him just how much the decisions that he made fucked up her life. He needed to hear it.

Vanessa hasn’t always been my favorite person, but I feel like I can understand her.

And Daniel, well …he gives it to the paps – when the journalist asks who is better in bed – Noa or Vanessa. Daniel becomes pissed off, well more than he already is, and sucker punches him for the world to see.

I admit, I cheered and at the same time cringed. I knew that there was only going to be bad things to come. Daniel is going to be feel consequences, but what they are I am not sure.


I do believe that whatever they are, he’s going to learn what it’s like to lose people that he loves. My only hope is that he can find a way to get them back.


You don’t fuck with Mama and Papa Garcia. That makes me want to jump into the television and hunt some characters, punch them in the face.

I’m so proud of the Garcia’s because they are taking a leap into a dream. They’ve built this amazing business and sure, Noa has helped by putting that hashtag on her post. But when it comes down to it, no one is coming back if your food isn’t good.

They are expanding into a cafe and hire a contractor to start. Only they find out when the contractor doesn’t show up and their phone is disconnected, that they have been scammed.

And the contractor has made off with their deposit.

I fucking hate scam artists. These are people who have worked so hard to build a life and someone took advantage of their dreams. Fuck that shit.

They don’t know what they are going to do. And as they are discussing it – Daniel comes in and decides to tell them that he is going to Morocco with Noa.

Man, when someone tells you now is not the time – IT IS NOT THE TIME.

His family explodes. Everyone is at odds. And Papa Garcia tells Daniel that he’s, well basically acting like an idiot. Daniel talks about how he’s following dreams, but I have an issue with this. Why?

Because Daniel has never really defined what his dreams are, and to me this makes it seem like his dream is Noa. I get that he’s been videoing himself talking about food, but I don’t buy that being on the Food Network has been a dream. He had never thought about that until such time as Noa said that he should be on television.

I want to love Daniel, but part of me doesn’t like the man that he’s becoming. You can’t be so blinded by someone that you forget your family. I feel like he’s done just that.

And the way that he speaks to them is just gross.

Daniel doesn’t even ask his family about the expansion and what is going on. And that’s not Daniel. So I am not pleased that he’s suddenly a dick and deserting his family.

Even if he doesn’t see it.



Lord, I can’t even with Noa’s family drama. You think that your Dad is bad, at least he isn’t planning hostile takeovers of your company.

Noah’s Dad on the other hand, he sees her being vulnerable and he’s like well, gonna take this opportunity to fuck over my daughter.

Lewis and Piper are trying to figure out what is going on, because they know that the board is up to something. They see Daniel and Noa – after that interview with the fire alarm – and there is opportunity to pounce.

Lewis and Piper do some investigating, because even though Noa doesn’t see everything that is going on, they know that there is something.

And it turns out – it’s Noa’s father. He’s out to try and take over her company. She’s lived in his shadow and they haven’t had a relationship, but all he thinks about is how he can get ahead in business – what a douche.

Noa talks to all the board members, who tell her all is well, but we all know that it’s not.

Her Dad is fucking her over. And when Lewis and Piper uncover it – my heart breaks for Noa. She may be strong, but shitty parents fucking stink.


Mateo is so sensitive and so loving. He puts on this goofy exterior but he is absolutely a great man.

He has all the love in the world for his sister and when she tells him that he needs to fire Vanessa after her interview, he knows that he needs to stand with his family. Daniel could take a lesson from him.

Vanessa takes the firing well, and even tells him to go meet with some big wig in order to further her career.

Ugh, why am I beginning to like her.

Mateo goes to this meeting, and unfortunately he meets what we call an ASSHOLE. Look, Hollywood is unbelievably blunt and will tell you a million times over if you aren’t the best, are average, etc.

Everything is subjective, though.

But when Mateo meets this man and he puts him down – I wanted to slap Mateo. Look, before you judge me, listen to why.

People are always going to put you down. It’s what people do. It sucks. But that one person doesn’t define you. Mateo is talented. He is driven. This man using him to meet Vanessa really isn’t about him.

But I get the way that you are crushed when someone says something bad about you. When someone shits on your dreams it’s all you can do to hang onto them.

But it’s one person. And as I’ve said before, one person doesn’t define you.

What I will say is what I respect is that The Baker and The Beauty showed how people really react. They made sure that there is a reality to it. They didn’t shy away from the hardship and the pain that people experience.

What made me love Mateo even more is that he goes and tells Vanessa that the man wanted to meet her and work with her. He tells her what was said to him.

THE BAKER AND THE BEAUTY – “Side Effects” – Noa and Daniel’s worlds are turned upside down when Vanessa ignites a scandal. As Noa works overtime to salvage the reputation of her company and ease tensions with her board of directors, Daniel tries to smooth things over with his family. Meanwhile, Piper (Georgina Reilly) learns that Lewis has been keeping a devastating secret on an all-new episode of ABC’s “The Baker and the Beauty,” airing MONDAY, MAY 18 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Francisco Roman) VICTOR RASUK, NATHALIE KELLEY

And again, I start to like Vanessa because she tells Mateo that man is wrong and reminds him of how special he is. Vanessa didn’t start out as my favorite person, but when I take a step back I realize something – she’s a woman whose heart was broken and she’s trying to piece together her life.

I don’t want to see Mateo and Vanessa together romantically, but I do think that she would be a good manager for him. Their working relationship would be great.


  • Natalie getting into a fight is so unlike her, but I woulda kicked the shit out of that girl too for talking about my family.
  • Mrs. Garcia telling Natalie that she can’t see Amy anymore is wrong.
  • I would love hearing more about now Natalie’s relationship with Daniel has changed.
  • The end – when Noa says that she needs to go on this trip without Daniel – THANK GOD. Man needs a slap in the face.
  • Finding out the bakery has asbestos – I wanted to cry for the Garcia’s. I love this family and the strife that they are going through – it’s too much. My heart is anxious.
  • Lewis having cancer. I started to cry. I need him to tell Noa, because she deserves the truth.
  • Noa – I feel for her. Are there many people in her life that she can trust? Nope. But her Daddy should be someone she can.

The Baker and The Beauty airs Mondays on ABC.

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