Dakota Johnson Talks Her Struggle With Depression

Personally, I am a big advocate of taking care of your mental health. I neglected mine for years, and it left me at a disadvantage in life. It isn’t until recently that I have really learned the gravity of my depression and that there is no shame in dealing with it.

Celebrities talking about their anxiety and depression has helped to break the stigma surrounding mental illness.

And personally, I am thankful for it.

Dakota Johnson is one of the biggest names in the world, and you would think that she has a seemingly perfect life. But she opened up about about her struggle with depression.

“I’ve struggled with depression since I was young—since I was 15 or 14. That was when, with the help of professionals, I was like, Oh, this is a thing I can fall into. But I’ve learned to find it beautiful because I feel the world,” she said to Marie Claire. “I guess I have a lot of complexities, but they don’t pour out of me. I don’t make it anyone else’s problem.”

I love the idea of finding it beautiful. It’s a nice thought to think of it as feeling the world.

“I have to do a lot of work to purge thoughts and emotions, and I am in a lot of therapy.” she also said in the interview.

Read more of her interview HERE. Dakota’s latest movie The High Note releases this month.

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