‘Outlander’: Fanfics Therapy

Outlander said goodbye just two weeks ago and we’ve already re-watched each season again. Twice. And we need more. Here, we bring you the solution: fanfics. The wonderful world of fanfics that always helps us overcome the Droughtlander when the seasons are over. Here we bring you a list of the best fanfics that will make you enjoy and liven up these days.

Here we go!

Winding Road 

“Claire has been living seven years in Boston with Frank and a young Brianna. That summer, they make a trip back to Britain, including Inverness. When Brianna goes missing, Claire is worried that history has repeated itself.” 

Who has not imagined Claire going to Inverness much earlier than in canon?  Who has not imagined Brianna crossing the stones as a little girl? This fic unites these two plots in a magnificent way, with the characters really close to the originals, and surprising situations. To discover more, you have to read it.

We Are Home

“Four years after Jamie sent Claire through the stones, Claire finds out that Jamie is still alive. With her daughter by her side, Claire returns to Lallybroch and her beloved Jamie but not everything goes as planned. Spoiler post season 2 / Dragonfly in Amber.”

Let’s be honest. We’ve always wanted Claire to discover that Jamie was still alive way before 20 years passed, and to go back to him along with a little Brianna. This story gives us everything we want and more. An interesting exploration of what could have happened.

Don’t Forget About Me

“After an accident, Claire wakes up in a hospital but she has forgotten the past nine years of her life, including her daughter and her time in the 17 century. At the doctors suggestion, Claire, Frank, and their young daughter Bree travel to Scotland in an effort to recapture some of Claires old memories. While looking for answers, they stumble upon the stones and are sent back”

What if Claire didn’t remember Jamie or how she feels about him? It’s a reinterpretation of history that captures you from the first chapter. And a chance for Claire to fall in love with Jamie again. Things can be different … or not.

Never Too Late

“What if Frank’s accident happened sooner and Claire returned to Jamie before he married Laogharie? How would Claire adjust to her life as a widow before she found out she had someone to go back to? A story exploring alternative events, diverging from the season 3 storyline.”

Another exploration of what would have happened if Claire would have found Jamie a little earlier, but in this case when make a difference. All the difference. You will not regret giving it a opportunity.

Times Passage

“Claire returns through the stones as promised, but she has different Idea’s as to how she will spend her future.”

Those of you who have some issues with Claire’s decisions after her return to 1948 – like me – will really enjoy this story. It’s a look at how it could (and should) have been.

The Right Thing…

“A series of one shots following the storyline of Frank is a good man.”

Frank is a remarkable man in this story! It‘s a short story, divided into 10 parts in the form of one-shots. The plot will satisfy everyone, both those who love Frank’s character and those who hate him.

The High Road and the Low Road

“Imagine a still-angry Bree went to Craig na dun straight after Claire told her everything, to check out her mother’s story, fell through the stones by mistake and met Jamie first.”

Brianna accidentally crossing through the stones … and alone? We‘re here for this!  This story has just started but it promises a lot … and it will be worth traveling this road with it.

A Chance to Make Things Right 

“Claire goes through the stones on the Eve of Culloden and comes out again in 1743.”

A story about second chances. What if Claire could make other decisions? Would that change her future and Jamie’s? You need to read to find out!

Lost In Time

“What if Faith had survived? What if Jamie had gone through the stones? How would Frank react to Claire’s return with another husband?”

We confess it: this history already had us with an alive Faith, but if we add Jamie crossing the stones with Claire, it has us forever. You will not regret reading this story.  It’s like a dream come true.

Through The Stones

“Just before the battle of Culloden, Jamie is attempting to send Claire back through the stones of Craigh Na Dun, back to a life where she will be safe, to a man that loves her. But fate has something else in store for our happy couple.”

What will fate has in store for the couple after their heartbreaking farewell at the foot of the stones? Of course, the answer will be surprising and it can make everything change, who knows.

Take Me Home

“Jamie finds out Claire is pregnant again and forces her to go back through the stones just before the Battle of Culloden. However, something goes wrong and now he is facing more than just one problem… it’s Claire and she’s unconscious in his arms…and they’re both in 1948 together.”

Jamie walks through the stones with Claire! This plot already makes us crazy and we love it. Just imagining the complications they will face and Jamie’s reactions to that new world make it even better.

Hopefully you enjoy reading! Do you know other Outlander fics? What stories have caught your attention? Feel free to share them with us and all the fandom in the comments below! Happy reading!
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