Tracie Ellis Ross To Voice “Jodie”

I am not one for anything animated, but I used to be. And I appreciated the shit out of Daria – because it was a show that was always willing to go there and made the geek in me feel a little less alone,.

MTV since became the king of any and every sort of reality television and I have appreciated a majority of that programming. But I also think that their pivot to do more is long overdue. Like actually playing music on their channel.

However, this isn’t about MTV. It is about Comedy Central and their continuation of Daria – with the spin off of the series – Jodie.

And there is the exciting news that Tracie Ellis Ross will be voicing the character of Jodie for the show. Jodie is Daria’s best friend and the show will follow her as she graduates college and enters a complicated world.

“This is the first major move in a programming shift at Comedy Central focused on ramping up adult animated content and building an original animated slate around South Park. The major programming pivot already was in the planning stages when Comedy Central recently laid off the majority of its senior programming team,” Deadline reported.

They continued, “Jodie also marks the first MTV Studios series for Comedy Central as the brads are forging closer ties now that they are part of the same ViacomCBS Entertainment & Youth Group overseen by Chris McCarthy. It was one of the projects on the inaugural slate of MTV Studios when it launched in 2018 has been envisioned as one of several Daria spinoffs.”

Daria ran for five seasons from 1997 to 2002  and was a spin-off of Beavis and Butthead (a show I will never watch).

Are you looking forward to Jodie? What are your thoughts?


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