Daisy Edgar-Jones Talks About The Sex Scenes in ‘Normal People’

I am obsessed with Normal People. I think the show is beautiful, the story is beautiful, and that it’s one of those stories that needs to be told. Love is not always about a happy ending, and I feel like we need to tell stories that end up happy as well as those that don’t.

And sometimes those endings are somewhat poetic, but they are real life. Poetry isn’t always beautiful and wrapped up in a bow. Sometimes it’s beautiful, painful and it changes you.

And that’s what Normal People was – beautiful and painful.

With A LOT of sex. Like a lot.

But how did those sex scenes look so real? Cause some of them, I swear they were getting it on. That’s the magic of movie making.

Daisy Edgar-Jones is opening up about the sex scenes and how they looked so real.

That would be because they had a great intimacy coordinator. Ita O’Brien‘s intimacy direction was above reproach on this film. Daisy said in an interview with Porter, “You need more protection because it is a stunt, with physical maneuvers that you need to make look realistic – just like in a fight scene… Mentally, it’s a really vulnerable place to put yourself in.”

Her work with co-star Paul Mescal was moving and the actress talked about her friendship with the actor.

“I feel very lucky to have met Paul through this process. He’s a wonderful, wonderful person and a very giving actor… He’ll be a friend for life.”

Normal People, is a 12-part drama, co-produced by the BBC and Hulu. It is streaming now on Hulu.

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