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‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ Re-watch Roundtable: “Zoey’s Extraordinary Confession”

We love Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist around here. A whole lot. And, well, we are in the middle of a quarantine, with very few new content coming till 2021.

So, yes, we are doing a re-watch of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, and yes, we are going to be talking about every episode as if it just aired. Because, we love the show, you love the show, and frankly, what else are we going to do to fill the time?

Joining me this week for “Zoey’s Extraordinary Confession” are Fangirlish writers Jade and Jacqueline as well as guests Amanda and Jacquie.

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Zoey finally came clean with Max this week, though she did it in an attempt to avoid a conversation about feelings. Are you, nonetheless, happy about the choice to make Max a part of Zoey’s secret? Do you think it was the right thing to do for the show? And how do you feel about Max’s reaction? Justified or not?

Lizzie: Yes, yes, yes. I almost would have liked the show to do it sooner, but I’ll take episode 7, especially because the reason she didn’t say anything before had to do less with Zoey not wanting to tell him and more with Zoey being terrified of what she’d have to admit if she told him. I’m not particularly happy with the reason she came clean, but this is a TV show, there had to be some conflict, and if this is the conflict we get, considering it spawned some really good conversations, well, I’m not really going to complain.

As for Max’s reaction: justified, completely. Not just the doubt at the beginning, but his anger at knowing she’d basically – from his POV – used her powers to manipulate him into dating Autumn so SHE wouldn’t have to think about his feelings for her. It’s really hard for me to see the show writing Max as reacting any OTHER way, unless Zoey had been honest right away not just about her powers, but about her FEELINGS. Because that’s what got Max the most upset, not that Zoey told him about her powers, or even that she used the knowledge she had about his love to try to push him away, but that she avoided giving him an answer, whatever that answer might be.

Jade: I’m thrilled she made Max a part of her secret. I really have a problem with superhero stories in which (typically female) love interests are kept in the dark about things they absolutely should know for no reason other than plot. This show may be different from most superhero stories, but the fact she has the ability to hear Max’s deepest feelings – and subsequently acted upon what she heard without his knowledge – is something he deserves to know. 

As for Max’s reaction, I get it. Even if he believed her at first, his anger was justified. Zoey may not have any control over her abilities, but it’s still an invasion of privacy. And the fact she threw him at Autumn when she heard about his feelings, rather than just having a conversation made it worse. The other thing to remember about his reaction is that the audience knows she’s telling the truth, but she’s – as far as we know – literally the only person on the planet with a superpower, so when she tells him she has one, of course he thinks she’s lying. If my friend told me she could hear people sing in her head, I’d assume she was either lying or needed a doctor, STAT. Worse, he may not know she’s telling him the truth, but he does know she’s doing it to avoid talking about feelings, so it may not be a lie but it IS an evasion. So, yeah, while my heart hurt for Zoey to watch, I think Max was totally justified in his reaction.

Jacqueline: I LOVE that Zoey told Max her secret even if she did it initially to avoid talking about her feelings for Max. The fact that she told Max and NOT Simon is very telling. I also adored Max’s reaction to hearing Zoey’s secret – completely logical! I was shocked that Mo seemed to believe her right away. Max’s cynicism was honest and understandable, PLUS I’m sure he was well aware that she had yet to tell him how she feels about him.

Jacquie: Telling Max her secret, to me, is just one more indicator of them being endgame. Although she did it in an attempt to avoid talking about her feelings, we know that initially Zoey wanted to tell Max right away – before his first heart-song threw her for a loop. Max knowing opens up a door for honest communication (finally!) And let’s be honest, Mo needs a day off. His reaction was totally justified, as Max is a man of science and they need a little something called hard proof before they believe anything. And he gets plenty of that in the next episode! 

Amanda: I was so relieved when Zoey finally told Max about her powers, it seemed like in the Pilot she was going to tell him about her powers but then he sang “I Think I Love You,” and she panicked. Mo and Mitch were Zoey’s the only people she told about her powers, she told Mitch because he’s the most important person in her life and she told Mo because she didn’t know who else to turn to at the moment. It was the right thing for the show because we knew that she was going to lose Mitch, leaving Mo as the only person aware of her powers. She needed someone else to be in the know in order to help and support her and Max was both the obvious and best choice. 

Max’s initial reaction of doubting the existence of Zoey’s powers was completely realistic, superpowers really Zoey? And although he knows she is doing it to avoid talking about feelings he is willing to allow her to try and prove their existence to him. He even went to a club, which he clearly hated being at, just so she could show him that she was right about Tobin’s feelings. His reaction when she tells him that he sang her love songs and what she did with that knowledge was completely justified. Max is above all her best friend, so keeping secrets about her powers and what they revealed about him, is a very big deal. Relationships, both romantic and otherwise, are based on trust, and it wasn’t fair to Max for her to know his secrets and him not to know hers. He’s hurt because not only has Zoey kept these secrets from him, but instead of talking to him about his feelings for her, she pushed him towards another woman. He’s allowed to be upset and angry about how she handled the situation, and while we know he will ultimately forgive her, he needs some time and space to process everything that has happened.

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Max told Zoey the truth – and boy, did he go all out: flash mob and everything! Do you think he made the right decision, both in telling Zoey the way he did and in telling her now? What do you think changed for him from the “Pilot” to this moment that made him think this was a gamble worth taking?

Lizzie: I think he misread all her signals, but I can’t say that I would have liked him to pine forever, either. Besides, if he hadn’t said anything, Zoey wouldn’t have been forced to confess her secret OR confront her feelings, so in that regard it’s probably good that he did. Which doesn’t mean I approve of the Flash Mob. I just don’t see it. Too much, too big, too public for someone who is notoriously bad at feelings, like Zoey.

As for what changed, though, I think he just made assumptions based on her reaction to him breaking up with Autumn, but also on who Zoey is – and he knows her, better than anyone. She’s probably spent the time since he broke up with Autumn being super supportive, and she’s also sorta opened the door for him again, re-instituted movie nights, and it has to feel to him like she’s figured some stuff out due to the fact that he’s been dating another woman. It’s hard to blame him for that – and also, as we find out next episode, he isn’t actually wrong about her feelings, she’s just crap at understanding herself.

Jade: I know a lot of people dislike his big flash mob. I still kinda like it. It isn’t something I would personally want my husband to do, but I have my doubts that Zoey wouldn’t have enjoyed it, if she hadn’t been on DEFCON 1 levels of Avoiding His Feelings (And Hers). We assume she wouldn’t because she’s quiet and reserved, but on rewatch, I noticed that she never actually complains about the size of the gesture. She runs from it, because she doesn’t want to deal with Feelings. But she also calls it amazing, and even when she’s talking to him about why she has been avoiding him, she never once says it’s because the flash mob was embarrassing and he should know she doesn’t like big scenes. Maybe she’s more like Mitch than we’ve yet seen.

As for what changed, we’ve discussed (in our OTP series) that Zoey was jealous over Max and Autumn, even if she was in denial about it. She did not react well to his revelation that they’d had sex. It’s true he had no idea that she was able to hear his heartsongs, let alone that she’d been running from them. So from his perspective, his best friend sets him up with someone else as she starts emotionally distancing herself (which she started to do upon discovering his feelings); she displays some jealousy even he couldn’t entirely miss over said relationship; after the breakup with Autumn, he has a moment with Zoey that is so charged with sexual tension, it could light up San Francisco for a week; once he’s single, she suddenly decides it’s time to get back to their one-on-one movie nights…and says she’s been needing more “Max time.” She was sending some signals, even if she didn’t realize it. On top of that, Max had realized he was “settling” in his romantic relationship with Autumn (as he was accused of doing at work), and I could see how he decided that fear of “what could happen” was the reason why. So he decided to reveal his feelings in a big gesture Zoey couldn’t misinterpret or misunderstand (she is a little oblivious when it comes to emotions, after all).

Jacqueline: Normally, I LOVE grand gestures and a flash mob is that. I loved the singing and dancing but to me, it seemed like an odd thing to do for Zoey as she is more quiet and reserved. Max, had no idea that Zoey can hear people singing so it was actually kind of funny that he chose this way to profess his love. I think Max has gained more confidence as the season continued and Zoey did reinstate movie night so I think he decided to strike while the iron was hot. His feelings weren’t going anywhere. I love that he was so brave. Sigh – I heart Max. 

Jacquie: Max was hesitant for Zoey to know about his feelings in the pilot, and let’s be honest the boy needed a minute with them himself. But he has gone through so much character growth since then. It shouldn’t have surprised us that ‘newly-confident’ Max would bring his feelings front and center, especially after that powderkeg that was “Night Out” – that moment was so charged and he obviously felt it too. The flash-mob was an amazing way to mess with Zoey and us the audience. I love that Max is all about big moments (hmm who does that sound like?) Zoey didn’t seem turned off by the gesture, just surprised. Something had to force her to face her feelings and a flash-mob confession was an ironically hilarious way to do it. 

Amanda: Oh Max, when he’s all in on something he’s really all in, and he went all-in on revealing his feelings for Zoey. I firmly believe that Max went with the flash mob to tell Zoey he loved her because of what he has learned from Mitch’s belief in “bigger moments, bigger memories.” How was Max to know that Zoey pretty much had private flash mobs happening daily? It was adorable, cheesy, a little awkward but also totally Max, which is why even though she was running from the situation and talking about feelings Zoey was still impressed by the gesture. Admittedly I maybe wouldn’t have revealed it soon after the disaster that was Simon’s engagement party, since it was pretty clear to everyone at the party that Zoey had some feelings for Simon. Max was just so excited that he couldn’t keep his feelings inside anymore (He really is a human golden retriever, which of course makes us love him all the more).

Max didn’t decide to reveal his feelings until it seemed like Zoey might be receptive to them, the way she hugged him last episode, reinstating movie night, the “I need more Max in my life,” all seemed to indicate that she would consider a romantic relationship with him. I think Max made the right decision for him in telling Zoey how he felt because he’s decided that he is done letting moments pass him by.

We saw that when he broke up with Autumn, Max decided that he was done just settling for things in life, and we have seen how he has really grown since the Pilot. He’s become more confident, begun taking a more active role at work and willing to take risks (confessing that you’re in love with your best friend through a flash mob is a ginormous risk). I think that Max may have previously experienced the same worries as Zoey about risking their friendship. But with his new approach to life, he decided that certain things in life are worth the risk, and to Max, Zoey is worth risking everything for!

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Zoey is categorical with Max in this episode: she can’t go down a romantic road with him, because she couldn’t bear to lose him. What do you think changed from her from this episode till the finale that made her feel like she could take that change and not lose him? And what do you think it means that she got to that point? 

Lizzie: I think that she experienced life without Max, in a way, when he moved up to the sixth floor. It wasn’t truly life without Max, but they were fighting, and he wasn’t there to be her crutch, so in many ways, for Zoey, it must have felt like it was life without him. And though I don’t think she’s conscious of this, by the time the finale comes around her whole reasoning of “I don’t want to lose you” is weakened by the fact that she already kinda did for a time, anyway, and they weren’t even together!

Plus, I think she and Max have both been very comfortable in their relationship, in their lives, and to see Max not wanting to come back, to see him be all like I’m going to try new things and risk it, makes her think that she can take risks too.

Jade: I think what changed is that she almost lost him anyway. She had it in her head that if they just promised nothing would change, if she just ignored her feelings for him and his for her, they could go back to the same dynamic they’d always had and it would be fine. But as Max pointed out in this episode, things had already changed between them. They changed in the Pilot, from the moment she got her superpowers and learned about his feelings through song. 

In trying to avoid her feelings for Max – because she was afraid of losing him – she emotionally pushed him away. She set him up with Autumn, she cancelled their movie nights. She got jealous of his relationship with Autumn, even though she denied it. The more she heard Max’s feelings for her in song, the more she chased after her crush on Simon. In the next couple of episodes, there will be a definitive break between them, when Max decides to go work on the sixth floor, and she hears him sing “Bye, Bye, Bye.” True, they make up, in the end, but things are still different. Things have changed, and continuing to pretend they haven’t is only going to put them right back in that same place again. On top of all that, she sees a new maturity in Max, and – I believe – is also attracted to the fact that he’s focused on the future and not the past (which angered her a couple episodes previously when it came to Simon). It may be that in season two, she starts by wanting to deny her feelings again because she’s just suffered such a huge loss, it makes her afraid once again that she could lose him. But I think Zoey’s actions in the finale show growth and, I hope, emotional maturity in recognizing that sticking your head in the sand doesn’t actually make reality disappear.

Jacqueline: I totally get Zoey’s fear of losing her friend of their relationship changes – it is definitely a risk. A risk I personally took and lost – so in my opinion that fear is real. But I love how Max countered her with hasn’t their relationship already changed? It has! I’m not sure exactly what changed between now and the finale. Zoey has experienced a lot this season and when he went to the 4th floor to got to experience life without Max, I have to think that had A LOT to do with it – you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. I think it’s fantastic that she got to the point of taking a chance on a relationship with Max – it means that she gained more self-confidence so instead of needing him in her life she wanted him. 

Jacquie: Max is obviously very important to Zoey, so as much as it does sound like a cop out – which don’t get me wrong it partially is; I can also see where she’s coming from. Dating changes everything and risk taking doesn’t seem to be at the top of Zoey’s to-do list. She needs Max more than she wants him. *wink,wink* But as we see, her actions to avoid losing him, end up causing just that to happen. She does end up losing him, in a sense, and I think that realization helps her to understand that she could lose him anyway if she doesn’t stop the nonsense. By the finale, Zoey has seen that she and Max’s “whatever they are” is strong enough to withstand anything – and that makes her brave enough to finally indulge those feelings.  

Amanda: I think Zoey by the finale has grown emotionally through her experiences with her powers and has really learned who and what is important in her life. Since the end of the Pilot, Zoey has known that Max had feelings for her, so the idea of Max and romance has been running around in her head for a while. She has seen all of the ways in which Max has been there for her, everything they have gone through (the fights, the move to the 6th floor, her powers, her power glitching), and though there have been bumps in the road she has never fully lost Max. Sure he may get upset with her and her with him, but he’s never fully abandoned her, which is what Zoey has been most afraid of. It’s that realization that Max is always there for her no matter what, which makes her see that she isn’t in danger of losing him if they go down this path together and causes her to finally act on her feelings.

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Simon said he wasn’t going to cross more lines – only to find himself on the verge of closing the line, again and again. How do you feel about the way he handled his relationship with Zoey post engagement party debacle? If you were his friend, what words of wisdom would you be imparting right now?

Lizzie: I would like to be his friend, because I would absolutely tell him that he needs to get a therapist. Zoey isn’t that. He shouldn’t be putting that on her. And though, yes, I think he intends for them to be friends, and he doesn’t realize that he’s crossing a line, the reality is he is, and he keeps doing it.

Obviously the thing with Simon is that he isn’t doing any of it because he’s a bad guy, or because he means to hurt Zoey OR Jessica. He’s just trying to cope with his pain as best as he can, and he’s a hot mess who makes mistakes. I think we can all sorta relate to that. Which doesn’t mean that if he were my friend I wouldn’t be like “Simon, what are you doing? Take a good long look at yourself right now.”

Jade: I sympathize with Simon to an extent, because I think he really does appreciate having someone to talk to about his dad’s death, someone who understands how he’s feeling even without him saying. (Again, from his perspective, he has no idea that there’s more to it; he genuinely thinks there’s just this magical connection between them, and she somehow gets him more than even his own fiancée. He probably isn’t yet at the point where he wants to really consider what that says about his relationship with Jessica and whether she’s right for him because of course he would wonder why she doesn’t “get” him in the way Zoey does, since he doesn’t know the truth.) Austin Winsberg has said – repeatedly – that he intends the audience to see both Max and Simon as genuinely good guys, so with that in mind, I think Simon probably did think he could still have that emotional connection as friends without crossing the line he shouldn’t cross as an engaged man. Zoey said at one point that she was afraid, if she lost Simon, she’d never find anyone else who would understand what she was going through. Giving Simon full credit, I think he probably feels very much the same way. If I were his friend, though, I’d have to point out that the line of emotional infidelity is a very thin one, particularly for two people who have been dancing along it as they have. And I’d tell him that he could – and should – find a therapist to talk to about everything he’s been dealing with, because the person he stands to lose most by blurring that line is himself.

Jacqueline: I feel like Simon meant well when he said that he and Zoey should keep it professional after the engagement party and I don’t think he meant to cross a line when he noticed Zoey was upset. I’m glad that Zoey pointed out it would be unprofessional to discuss her personal life. If I were Simon’s friend I would suggest he talk to a professional to sort out his very real feelings of grief. He needs to get himself together so he can know if he can be there for Jessica or Zoey. It’s unclear in this episode if things have ended with Jessica, although I’m pretty sure they haven’t – at the end of the day Simon needs to sort his life out. He’s in a lot of pain, understandably, he needs to sort out how he is going to cope with that.

Jacquie: Simon’s life is just crumbling around him and Zoey seems like the only solid ground. As appealing as that can be, I have three words for Simon – GO TO THERAPY! His feelings for both women are all messed up and jumbled together with his grief. He needs to sort that out himself ,with the help of a licensed professional, before bringing anyone else into the mix. Other people don’t fix you, they just support you while you fix yourself, but you have to be putting in the work. So again, and I say this with love – SIMON GO TO THERAPY. 

Amanda: Simon’s initial realization that he had been leaning on Zoey too much was a good start, but unfortunately he couldn’t stick to their plan of being just coworkers. He really needs to take a step back and see what he is doing with Zoey isn’t okay, he needs to be focusing on his relationship with Jessica and rebuilding the trust that has definitely been lost between them. My advice to Simon would be to try and find someone, not Zoey, to talk about his grief, but also how it is affecting his relationships. It’s okay to be friends with Zoey, but after the events of the engagement party, it’s important that he focus on his relationship with Jessica and take a step back from Zoey for a while.

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Maggie made a choice to hire a caregiver for Mitch – and after originally picking one that filled all her boxes, ended up changing her mind and hiring someone who provided what Mitch needed. What do you think about this storyline and what it says about the way we make decisions for others? 

Lizzie: I absolutely love that the show went into this, and that they had Maggie make the choice she did. So often in those situations, considering that death affects us all differently, we sort of default to doing what’s easiest for us …and in this case, it’s important that Maggie did what was best for Mitch, not her. Important not just because of Mitch, even, but because what Maggie truly wants more than anything is for Mitch to be happy.

Jade: I do quite love this storyline, in part because I come to adore Howie so much over the remainder of the season. I think it’s an interesting perspective on how we sometimes make decisions with our heads when we need to make them with our hearts. Mitch is dying, he needs help, and there are some things his family simply cannot do for him anymore. It makes sense for Maggie – or anyone, really – to go into that situation with an eye on the medical care he needs, making sure he’s with someone who is the best nurse they can possibly find. But in the end, she realizes that Mitch needs more than just a person who will check his vital statistics on a regular schedule; he needs someone he’s comfortable with. Someone who makes his last few days as enjoyable as they can possibly be. Someone who cares about him as a person, and not just a patient. And, frankly, Maggie, Zoey, and David need that too. I love Howie and his genuine caring towards the Clarke family, and I really wish they could find a way to bring him back in the future because I’ll miss his presence on the show.

Jacqueline: I really love this part of the show and I totally get why Maggie initially chose the very experienced nurse. She wants only THE BEST for the man she loves. But I’m so glad she was able to see the nurse wasn’t working and Mitch deserved better in his dying days. It was so nice to see the caregiver she chose at the end was there for Mitch in all ways, giving him a better quality of life. I adore how Maggie loves Mitch!

Jacquie: Howie!! I grew to adore him more over time, and was actually rooting for him the first time we saw him. When you face certain realities, there’s what will make you feel better personally and what is actually needed – and they aren’t always the same thing. I’m happy that Maggie was able to realize this. It just shows how much she loves Mitch, and it actually works out for both of them in the end. Mitch got a buddy and Maggie got a spinach sneaker! Howie was the best of both worlds, and in the end all that really matters is doing right by those you love. 

Amanda: It’s funny when they are doing the interviews and Howie says his approach to caregiving is “needs-based,” my first thought was that it’s exactly the same approach that I used as a preschool teacher in the infant room. You take care of needs when they are needed, but then you also spend time with them doing various activities, talking, enjoying time with each other. Howie was the only applicant that Mitch responded positively too, he laughed at his jokes and smiled at him. This is something Maggie and David should have paid attention to initially and included him more in the discussion of who they hired. What Mitch needs is someone to help with the medical side of things, but he also needs someone to spend time with him as more than just a patient. While Maggie was looking for someone who would be able to provide Mitch with the best care possible, she was also looking for someone who she could be open with and talk to, which they thankfully found in Howie. 

So often we take what we know about someone and make decisions based on what we think is best for them, without even taking their opinions or thoughts into consideration. Making decisions for people based on what we think they need is a little bit selfish; it has us believing that we know what is best for them without ever considering what they may want. This is something we saw Zoey do to Max when she decided to push him towards Autumn after she heard his heart-songs of love (reinforcing the Maggie and Zoey parallel, and the Mitch and Max one). 

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Leif pushed Tobin aside this week, not just for his professional advancement but, but for Joan, and Tobin did not take it well. There’s a faction of the fandom who sees this relationship as potentially romantic. What side of the issue are you on? Would you like to see these two together, or are they better off as friends?

Lizzie: Look, I’m going to say it, Tobin YOU DESERVE BETTER. Better as a potential romantic interest, and even better as a friend. I think Leif talks a big game, but he isn’t thinking about Tobin at all, and I understand that he doesn’t have to be thinking about Tobin while he’s in the middle of a romantic moment with Joan, but he should be thinking hard about blowing off Tobin and making it seem like their friendship isn’t as important as his relationship with Joan, or even the possibility of moving up in the company. Not cool, Leif. Not cool.

Jade: I’m firmly middle of the road here, in the “Wait and See” camp. If the show took this relationship in a romantic direction, I’d be down with it. If they never did, I wouldn’t feel like there had been a “bait and switch” as shows sometimes do. My thing is, I don’t think we’ve really seen enough of these two as individuals for me to have a strong opinion on how they would be as a couple. They both had some impressive character growth over the season, given the extremely limited amount of episodes and their screen time in said episodes. But I feel like they both also have such a long way to go to really embrace the changes that we’ve started to see in them. I’m really hoping we get to see a lot more of them in season two, both as individuals and together, and then I might have a stronger opinion as to whether or not I ship the two. As it is, right now, I’m open to the story going either way.

Jacqueline: I never saw the Leif/Tobin relationship as romantic but it is a very close and old friendship. I understand why Tobin felt hurt being left behind. I was glad to see Leif tell Tobin he wanted him to take things more seriously so they could run the company together in the future. Tobin really needed that reassurance that he wasn’t going to be left behind by his friend. 

Jacquie: I low-key ship these two. While it’s said that you can have a deep affection for your best friend without it getting romantic, if the chemistry is there – I say run with it! Leif has probably been telling Tobin what to do for years, that’s marriage material right there. I would be fine with it either way, these two have a great dynamic. I just hope that Leif shows he cares as much about Tobin in future episodes, because Tobin seems to really value their friendship above all else. It would be an interesting facet of their relationship to explore, with or without adding dating into the mix. 

Amanda: I’m open to the possibility of Leif and Tobin, they have such a great relationship so it could go either way. I just want to see Tobin in love, because he deserves it and it would be adorable to see, personally I’m hoping for some Tobin/Abigail. Knowing what we know now about Leif catching feelings for Joan I think he’s probably going to take a break from relationships for a bit. With their relationship, I am wondering how Tobin will react when he finds out about Leif and Joan, because that’s the kind of stuff you definitely tell your best friend about, and Leif ended up talking to Max instead. So it should be interesting to see what happens with their relationship when that secret comes out, and when Tobin starts dating someone.

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What was your favorite musical number in “Zoey’s Extraordinary Confession”?

Lizzie: “Bailamos” was better as sung in this episode than By Enrique Iglesias. I said what I said.

Jade: I love “If I Can’t Have You.” I’d never heard it before this episode (I haven’t owned a radio in about 20 years, so there are a lot of songs used in the show that I’ve never heard before), but I really loved it. That said, I think it’s a crime that Tobin’s only song of the season was “Don’t Speak.” He really nailed it, and I loved it so much, as well.

Jacqueline: Max, “If I Can’t Have You” – it was so so wonderful!! I’m sad he didn’t get the response he hoped for but it was romantic and genuine. Honorary mention to I Put a Spell on You by Leif – very impressive!!!

Jacquie: This episode is especially hard because all the songs were amazing for different reasons. Max’s numbers are always my favorite by default, but “Bailamos” was an incredible duet and I am a lover of latin music. So for this one, I’m calling it a tie between “Bailamos” and “If I Can’t Have You”. 

Amanda: As much as I adore Max’s “If I Can’t Have You,” and I do because it’s adorable, dorky and sweet, I have to give it this week to Tobin’s “Don’t Speak.” It’s the only Tobin song we get all season (we deserved so many more!), and it’s what really shows that Tobin is more than just another douchey brogrammer with one-liners. The drawing the heart on the glass while he sings his emotions out to Leif? Genius!

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Leif and Joan. Share your reaction to their fling with one gif:


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