Queerly Not Straight: 4 Reasons Why TERF's Are the Worst

Every Time We Think JK Rowling Can’t Sink Any Lower, She Finds A Way

We’ve written about JKR’s descent into unrepentant TERF before here a Fangirlish. Hell, she wrote a full-on serial killer like manifesto a few weeks ago, so maybe we got complacent and thought, yes, she is awful, but we can just ignore her now.

Except she seems to keep finding ways to get even worse, and it’s important that we keep repeating how horrible she is and how much we – her former fans – don’t really need her anymore.

The stars of her Harry Potter properties, and that includes Eddie Redmayne, who stars in the new Fantastic Beasts movies, have all unequivocally come out against her comments.

But I guess when your ego is bigger than your brain, none of that matters. In fact, when you’ve reached the point she has reached, you will only accept blind allegiance.

Case in point, Stephen King.

King RTed a quote from the late writer Andrea Dworkin that JK Rowling had shared, one that referenced men treating women’s opinions as if they were “acts of violence.” At that point, of course, people took the time to point out to King that the quote was being used by Rowling as a way to justify her disgusting stance.

Before King had a chance to react, JK Rowling was tweeting that her love for him had “reached new heights,” we’re assuming because she can only love people who share her TERFness? She promptly deleted her love tweet when King responded to a fan stating “Trans women are women.”

You can see the progression here:

Allow me to laugh.

Wait, still laughing. Gonna need one more minute.

King is no saint – he’s written questionable stuff himself (see IT), but we’re glad to see he’s not also trans-phobic. And, fine, we’ll admit it, we’re happy JKR has now experienced what it feels like to see one of your heroes fall from its pedestal.

Hurts, doesn’t it? But it’s okay, not to worry. You’ll survive.

We did. And we’re better for it.

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