Zachary Levi Takes On The Role of Football Star Kurt Warner

Do I know much about football? Nope. And let me make it clear that I don’t want to know anything. This is a no sports brain over here.

But do I pay attention when people talk about movies? Yes. Fill my brain with all of that information.

I know the name Kurt Warner, because I spent a large majority of my life in Arizona. I know the name Zachary Levi, because well – who doesn’t. So you combine the two and even though it has to do with football, my ass is listening.

I think we all have conversation with other people about who would play you in the story of your life and Kurt Warner has the answer on who would play him.

“What a crazy, amazing journey this has been… now I’m going to be played by a Super Hero!! Excited you @ZacharyLevi are taking this ride with us, can’t wait to see you delivery our story to the BIG screen!” Warner tweeted about the casting.

Levi will be starring as Warner in the adaptation of his book, All Things Possible: My Story of Faith, Football and the First Miracle Season. The adaptation will also be based on several interviews that Warner gave over the years.

“Kurt’s story is one of relentless faith – in his own abilities but even more so in a higher power,” Levi shared in a statement. “When I read Kurt’s story, I identified with the quiet strength he found to persevere – that’s something I think anybody can recognize in their own lives.”

He adds, “This is the kind of underdog story that sports movies are all about, and the fact that it’s true makes it even more special. I’m thrilled to be part of bringing his story to audiences.”

I may not want to know about football, but I will watch this. Will you?

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