I Will Go Down With This Ship: #Klaroline Edition

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  1. elena says:

    I really loved your essay but also It was not closure. I do not know If you saw season 5 of TO but you can still see that caroline really cared and loved him and klaus still wanted to get a chance to be with her. he could not have been her last love but caroline was his last love.he really spent his last minutes with her rather than his family and hope. because of caroline he said goodbye to his family. caroline also convinced him to call hope again in 5×01. klaus always wanted caroline. caroline always hide it because she was a loyal person and klaus hurted many people who she loved so It would not be so right to be with him suddenly.they needed their time to get over some problems. caroline even saved his voicemail and the dress he gave to her so she really cared about him but she was afraid to show and accept that because ıt could be more than just “care” because deep down she knew that she wanted klaus too. for me ,after klaus died I really understood that they were endgame. the only women who can make him happy and joyful was caroline. he always wanted to be with her. he never loved someone else like he did with her.

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