I Will Go Down With This Ship: #Jeller Edition

Ships are something as special as life itself. Each one has its own story, its own identity. But there’s always something, like a silent signal that makes you think: I will go down with this ship.

That’s exactly what happened with Jeller and, just in case you’re wondering, no, we’re still not over what happened in Blindspot‘s last episode and yes, we continue to ignore that last minute. But it’s time to review Jeller‘s legacy because, despite everything…

I will go down with this ship.


The way this couple met was unusual. It was all part of a bigger plan but, as always happens with the best laid plans, nothing went as expected. As soon as Jeller met for the first time, something emerged, a spark … that brought them together and kept them that way forever.

Neither of them understood what united them and why they couldn’t stop thinking about each other, why that spark was growing more and more … but it was there … and they couldn’t ignore it.

Jane didn’t trust anyone, not even herself, but she did trust Kurt. Since she met him she felt safe, protected. And Kurt didn’t understand what was happening but he felt that he could trust Jane, he needed to protect her from any danger, he felt her so helpless and at the same time so strong and brave … and he felt that he could give her everything … even his heart.

They both resisted at first because everything was too complicated … but the heart is not something that can be controlled, and the love between them was so strong and so real that neither of them could nor wanted to give up living it.


After their first moments together, the secrets began to arrive. The trust between them was tested several times, they were on the verge of not regaining it. There was disappointment, fear, pain, and guilt. But there was also repentance, regrets, and redemption.

At the end of the day, even if their trust was tested in a thousand and one ways, they always found the reason to close their eyes and take that leap of faith that involves blindly trusting someone, especially when they have disappointed you before. Always.

It didn’t matter what obstacles they had to overcome or what secrets exploded in their faces. It never mattered. The trust between them was something intrinsic, unbreakable, that not even they could understand or control … it was just there, despite everything. And at the end of the day, it was the only thing left standing.

All that love and trust led them to get married and to form a life and a family together, the dream of every fan and that wedding was exactly like that: as perfect as a dream.



Contrary to what happens in other stories, Jeller‘s wedding was not the end of the story, but the beginning of a new journey. The enemies left them little time to enjoy domestic life and soon they had to part again. Which led to both of them embarking on a desperate search against the clock to finish off their enemies and meet again in the middle of the road without what they had getting lost in the the abyss.

And they succeeded.

Even physically separated, they were always present in each other’s mind and heart.  Even in the other’s fights. They were fighting to get back together, they were fighting for them. Despite there being some reproaches, some dark secrets, and heartbreaking conversations in between, they never let go.

They overcame all obstacles and found themselves on the road again, they forgave each other and just … they lived what they felt because they learned a valuable lesson: life can be gone in an instant, it’s too short … and they love each other too much like wasting a second of their lives being apart. They would rather live even a second together than a long life apart.


With the outbreak of dark secrets and the discovery of the truth, a choice came.  Either they would give up and let go … or they would forgive. Both decided to forgive.  Forgiving the other unconditionally. This is so difficult … but they did it and they both redeemed themselves from their own mistakes, learning from them.

We’re all human and we make mistakes, we are imperfect. Kurt and Jane are no exception. That is why their story is so special, so unique, because it’s so real, so raw, so … human. This story has its dark parts, its ugly parts, it is not idyllic … but precisely for that reason it’s perfect in its imperfection. Because that just means it’s real.

Jeller learned from their mistakes and ended their journey closer than ever. In an extraordinary situation, in which they must have been strong and their relationship was put to the test. They were fleeing, they lost everything that was known to them, what was loved to them … but not once did they let go of their hands. Not once did they drop. They were always side by side. And so they ended their journey. Holding hands, contemplating the great family that was part of their lives.

So yeah! For this and many other reasons, I will go down with this ship.

What other couples make you say I will go down with this ship?
Blindspot aired on NBC.

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