I Will Go Down With This Ship: #Hinny Edition

Ships. Ships are one of the most exciting things about television, movies or books, and one that can make me fall in love with a fandom. If I fall in love with a ship, it’s almost a guarantee that I will be devoted to it. Falling in love with a ship also often leads down the path of fan-fiction, which is a whole new level of devotion, in my opinion.

Anyway, this week for our I will go down with this ship article, I am focusing on Hinny. More specifically, Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley from the Harry Potter series. So, let’s get started about what is so great about this ship!


I want to make one very clear distinction right off the bat. Book Ginny is very different from movie Ginny, which in turn makes each version of Hinny different. The version of Hinny I ship is the book version. They are far superior to the movie and aren’t missing the major components of their personalities that I fell in love with.


Harry and Ginny are first and foremost rooted in friendship. They became friends way sooner than they became a couple. You can’t have a solid foundation of a relationship without a friendship of some kind. Harry and Ginny’s friendship started the day that Mrs. Weasley helped Harry onto platform 9 3/4, and their bond only strengthened over the course of all seven books.


Listen, I love a good slow burn, it’s one of my favorite fanfic tropes after all. Harry and Ginny’s relationship is the longest slow burn. Think of a fire and how it sits, the charcoals smolder for a bit and you think that it is going to die. But then, all of a sudden, some force of air or fuel starts it up to a raging inferno all over again. That is Hinny’s slow burn… and it’s glorious.

Ginny has been in “love” with Harry Potter since she was told of his tragic story growing up. She was even convinced she was going to marry him. Imagine Harry’s surprise when he finds out about who he is in the Wizarding World and that his best friend’s little sister “loves” him. Of course, he is put off by this.

Now, that isn’t enough to stop their friendship. Their bond is further strengthened over the years as Harry saves Ginny in the Chamber of Secrets, while they fight side by side, and a million other moments they spend in the other’s company.

Hilarity in their relationship follows when Ginny gets nervous and puts her elbow in a butter dish, or when a Valentine’s singing dwarf chases Harry down in one of the halls within Hogwarts. There is that one moment where Ginny jokes that Harry got a tattoo of a Hungarian Horntail. There is never a dull moment between the two, and they certainly know how to have fun and joke around.


Another thing I love about their relationship is how supportive they are of each other. Ginny understands Harry on another level and is always there to offer her presence, advice or help when Harry needs it. She doesn’t get mad at him when Harry breaks up with her after Dumbledore’s funeral. Harry in turn lends a helping hand to Ginny when she needs it.

That’s not to say that they don’t have their moments of miscommunication or as Ginny puts it, Harry “being a prat”. But overall, they are supportive of the other. They are the best versions of themselves when they are together.


After all the horror they have faced and the opposition in their way, in the end they found their way back together. When it really mattered, nothing stopped them from being together. That’s a rare thing in this world and it should be cherished. Side note, if you have not read the books and only watched the movies, go read the books now. There is so much you are missing out on.

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