7 #Deckerstar Fanvids from 'Lucifer' That Stole Our Hearts!

7 #Deckerstar Fanvids from ‘Lucifer’ That Stole Our Hearts!

It’s a truth known to all who watch Lucifer that the devil himself and Chloe Decker belong together. After countless seasons of ups, downs, and turns that made us ship these two even more, we’ve finally arrived at the glory that is season 5A. To celebrate, here are 7 Deckerstar fanvids from Lucifer that stole our hearts and reminded us of how much we love this ship!

1. Lucifer & Chloe | “we’re incredible” [+s5a]

2. chloe + lucifer | open your eyes

3. Lucifer & Chloe ✘ I fell in Love with the Devil [+S5]

4. This Year’s Love | Lucifer & Chloe

5. Chloe & Lucifer | We bleed the same (+S5)

6. Lucifer & Chloe – Yellow (+S5a)

7. Lucifer & Chloe | Better [s5a]

Lucifer season 5A is now available on Netflix.

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