‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is Sticking to Theaters

We didn’t expect otherwise, but it’s still kinda strange to see so much certainty in the world we’re living in. I mean, I want to watch Wonder Woman 1984 as much as the next person. I would just also like to, you know, not get sick.

And going to theaters right now ….yeah, not going to happen.


In an interview with THR, WarnerMedia Studios and Networks Group head Ann Sarnoff reiterated that this movie was not going to be coming to PVOD or streaming.

“Certain movies deserve to be on the big screen. My belief is Wonder Woman 1984 is one of those.”

Part of me gets it. I want to watch the movie. It probably looks beautiful. I want that moment of celebrating Diana with other people who are just as in awe of her as I am.

But I’m also a realist. That’s not the world we live in anymore. It’s not the world we will live in for a while. And while there might be some people willing to risk it for the experience of seeing Wonder Woman 1984 in theaters, I’m not one of those.

So what are my options? Do I even have any?

Wonder Woman 1984 is set to be released October 2nd, 2020.

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