‘Star Trek: Discovery’ 3×05 Review: “Die Trying”

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  1. Alfred G Tucker says:

    As Buz Luhrmann said so adroitly there is something for everyone. It was a rollercoaster
    of emotions with the return to Starfleet Headquarters; only to be dragged into the New Inquistion. Engineering has lightened up like Montgomery Scott quipping remarks always and Tig Nataro is a catalyst and a glue to the story with it was raining Starfleet Officers, OMG deadpan funny. The Doctor is beginning to sound off with the killer and I are good friends now! The crew is really beginning to gel as a group and the writing has stepped up a notch and become clearer. The last part of the Renaissance was priceless and was the whole point of the original Star Trek series of man looking up till the studios wanted it more commercial. Great episode!

  2. the slip up is Saru says ‘3 point perspective was discovered by Giotto. 3 point is what they use in comic books to make builds taper up as you look at them. Vanishing point and 2 point perspective was what guys like Giotto and Brunellesci and Masaccio put into play. shitty research, but hey it’s set in the future, maybe they lost the truth.

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