One Chicago Ships Check-In: May 19th

CHICAGO FIRE -- "A White Knuckle Panic" Episode 915
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  1. Peter says:

    You people are talking as though these story lines are actual real events and real people. You’re not quite right in the head

  2. Erica E Brodie says:

    To be honest I don’t want Adam and Kim back together romantically again in the finale I want Kevin and Kim to get together romantically. Adam and Kim were too much drama and toxic between them too much back and forth between them and plus Kim don’t even want Adam in that way and now all of a sudden she wants to be with him. W hff at should have broken them up when Adam closed the door on Kim.

  3. Erica E Brodie says:

    I am also happy with Severide and Kidd congratulations to them both and I hope that Matt and Sylvie could get together romantically again as well. What Sylvie did just to get over her feelings for Matt was wrong. I hope that she realized what she did was wrong as well. I would love to see Ethan and April to get back together romantically again but that’s not going to happen sense the actress that plays April is leaving the show.

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