‘Doctor Who’: A Goodbye Letter to Jodie Whittaker’s The Doctor

'Doctor Who': A Goodbye Letter to Jodie Whittaker's The Doctor
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  1. Fredrick Beondo says:

    Everything you said plus…though I think we can agree that the writing and focus (or the lack thereof) the character has had has caused this departure. I have never, or at worst rarely, blame the actor for the character if the character has not been written well. Timeless Child, regardless of how they are spinning this upcoming series to have one overarching story, has thrown a lot against the wall and I’m not that sure it can just be timey-wimeyed away nor ‘resolved’ in a nice tidy bow. I am a Whovian from the Fourth Doctor days, and as much as it hurts to say this, maybe it is time for the Doctor to have another hiatus where instead of letting it sit and then decide years later to reboot it, just take that hiatus time to work out the narrative in a way that you can soft-reboot it with whomever is chosen to follow Jodie, whether it is the Doctor from Fugitive of The Jadoon (though as I said about TC, this being a linear connotation is not ensured, remember we had Hurt as the War Doctor inserted into the narrative, via Paul McGann’s now canon Doctor’s exit, ow my head hurts LOL) or whomever…just a thought, and I too will miss Jodie, as we still never got enough Harkness interaction ala the way he was Ten’s unspoken companion even if he wasn’t on the TARDIS proper at the time, or the real crossovers we will only hear on a Big Picture production, Thirteen/Missy and/or Thirteen/River :'(

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