See Exclusive Sneak Peeks And Photos From the ‘Chapelwaite’ Series Premiere

EXCLUSIVE: Jason Filardi, Peter Filardi & Donald De Line Talk Chapelwaite
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  1. Steve Harris says:

    Being a long time fan of Steve King, his family and their wide array of works, it sure would be awesome to somehow score some of the promo posters and other swag related to Chapelwaite. I have been looking forward to this series for some time now.

    1. Raquel says:

      Yay!!! Super happy that one more Stephen King book is adapted and excited for you to watch this awesome show. Thank you for your comment! 😁

  2. Steve Harris says:

    I am always happy and pleased when works from him and his family are to the big and small screens. I am looking forward to the future reboot / remake of Salem’s Lot. That project has been confirmed, along with some other remakes of sorts in the not too distant future. You are welcome for my comment! 🙂 Stay safe and have a great weekend!

    1. Raquel says:

      I didn’t know that! Can’t wait for these new projects 🙂 Thank you! Have a great and safe weekend you too ☺️

  3. Steve Harris says:

    Yes, it seems like there is always some King related project being discussed or in the works somewhere. Here’s to many many more new projects in the future, indeed! You are welcome and thank you too! I will sure try regarding the weekend 🙂

    1. Raquel says:

      YAASS! Really happy for that 🥳🥳😆

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