‘Sex Education’ Season 3 Review: A Must-Watch

Sex Education Season 3
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  1. Charlotte Ulbrich says:

    I am here to share an opinion on Eric and Adam. As much as i liked Eric the first two seasons, I hated him in season 3. And I completely agree with you: he was a shit boyfriend. When you get together with someone you already know for some time, you might get a taste of what problems could come up in the relationship. And in this case you have to take it into account when entering this relationship, otherwise you wouldn’t do your partner justice. I‘m not mad either at Eric seeing that he wants something else, but throughout this entire season I always had the impression that Eric subconsciously made Adam feel like he was not good enough for Eric and that Eric more than once felt embarrassed by Adam. Eric didn’t support Adam or respect that he found himself in a whole different place regarding his coming out, no, he always reacted frustrated or annoyed and didn’t really take Adam‘s feelings into account. This is really a shame since Adam turned out to be (I sensed it) a genuinely loving and gentle partner who was, to sum it up, definitely more mature in this relationship than Eric. He listened to Eric and tried to understand what and how he can do better. Eric didn’t do the same. He didn’t listen to Adam, always making Adam feel like he and his problems are a burden for Eric. And he never said sorry once.
    To sum it up: it is a shame to say that Eric appearantly is more superficial than I thought he was. All he cares about is Eric, Eric, Eric. And he’s not straightforward. Ironically he also treated Rahim like shit. I like this new arc that Adam and Rahim bond over their relationship with Eric. I really didn’t like Rahim that much in the second season, because he was too wanna be intellectual for me, but THAT scene in the bus was hilarious and showed that the apparently perfect guy also can find himself in some awkward situations. And Rahim – we have to say it – has a sense for depth, a sense that – we did see it in season 2 – Eric didn’t have. Eric didn’t really understand his poems or what authors he cited. Adam maybe didn’t either but I love to see that Rahim, even though he was never tired of expressing his prejudice against Adam, was mature enough to realize it and even get over it. And as he has a sense for depth he also had a sense for Adam‘s inner depth and realized -very correctly and maybe to his own wonder- that there’s more than meets the eye. I could imagine that maybe even (and I’d never have expected that) these two will get together at some point or at least form a very deep friendship. I got the feeling though that Rahim was starting to fall for Adam … HARD. At least that is what it looked to me in the end when he read Adam‘s poem. And sex education is a fucking masterpiece for making me buy it. I could totally imagine them both having the slow burn with each other and forming a couple that could be really healthy and nurturing for both of them. In fact Rahim and Adam are both huge romantics and very open and unfiltered about their feelings. Let’s see what happens next …

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