‘Chicago Fire’ 10×03 Review “Counting Your Breaths”

One Chicago Ships Check — In: October 6
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  1. Jean Fitzpatrick says:

    All of this. Literally all of this. I’m NOT an emotional person, but this episode got all up in my feels and I’m not sure how to process that. And I do have a bone to pick with Captain Casey: just leaving the guac on the island and NOT putting it back in the refrigerator before leaving for shift? Pfft!

  2. Lorrie says:

    Glad I’m not the only one who was reaching for the tissues! Brettsey scenes were perfection.

  3. Toni Landin says:

    Yep, very emotional episode. What’s to come, we don’t know, we can guess. Especially for Matt, I think it will be bringing the Dardens back to foster (I don’t see it as an adoption with their ages…17/15?) and Sylvie definitely by his side, again every step of the way. Loved every minute of the episode and your review simply outstanding.

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