‘Law & Order: SVU’ 23×08 Review: “Nightmares in Drill City”

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  1. Anansi says:

    This review hit the mark again and again. We never asked to get away with a crime because of our skin color; we only ask to be given the same benefit of the doubt that Tori was afforded, that wasn’t afford to Jasmine. This episode honestly pissed me off—and I was excited after last episode. Their crusade for Tori made me lose all sympathy for her because it made me think if Tori was Tasha, the three of them would’ve been hit with felony murder charges. Then to top it all off , she missed two therapy sessions, and tried to make me fell sorry for her. But the whole time all I can think is, if Jasmine missed those sessions, she be in jail or have a warrant, and Olivia wouldn’t care.

  2. John Smith says:

    Both of the girls should ABSOLUTELY have been convicted for felony murder.
    1) A duress defense requires IMMINENT threat, literally a “Gun to your head” (not present in this case)
    2) Duress requires that there be no possible alternative to committing the crime. No possibility of escaping, fleeing, or talking your way out of the situation. (She could have not actively mentioned her access to the victim, she could have tried to flee, etc..)
    3) Duress isn’t generally applicable in violent crimes, especially when the crime is more violent than the duress you are under. I.e. you cannot KILL someone to avoid a beating.
    4) Duress generally doesn’t apply when “you got yourself in the mess”. I.e. actively choosing to join a violent gang doesn’t then permit you to commit murder to avoid retaliation from said gang. “I had to kill him or the gang would get me…”.

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