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Exclusive Interview: Melanie Zanetti, and Giulio Berruti Talk ‘Gabriel’s Rapture: Part One’

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  1. Jaynne Sousa says:

    Melanie and Giulio are great actors, they really know how to play the roles of Julia and Gabriel like they’re straight out of the books, I love them as actors and as people they deserve all the success in the world.

  2. Jan says:

    Great interview and insight into the characters Melanie and Giulio portray. I loved your question about how difficult was it to recapture their chemistry after the prolonged delay. After watching Rapture I agree that they didn’t skip a beat.

  3. Florence Oh says:

    Great written piece of your interview with Giulio and Melanie.They have really worked hard to excel in their given roles. They are great actors and have such magical chemistry that appeals to all viewers. Tosca is indeed a brilliant hard working Director who has an eagle eye on all details for the shoot. The three of them work so well together and they really trust each other. It’s not easy to play a love scene and they both excelled in all the intimate scenes. They were so natural n comfortable in their delivery. There were so memorable moments in Gabriel Inferno series and I love the cinematography and the wide selection of music to suit the scenes.

    This has been one of my my most favourite romantic movie as it’s so beautifully crafted with beautiful scripts and great materials to work on.
    Giulio and Melanie have been so well selected by Tosca as I cannot compliment them enough for their great acting skills.

    Overall kudos too to the supporting cast and crew.

    Congratulations to all involved in this wonderful production. I hope you will win international awards for this Gabriel series. All the best.

  4. TRACEY says:

    Wonderful interview these movies have been amazing so far we love the chemistry between Giulio and Melanie. Thank you for supporting Passionflix and spreading the word. Is there a video of this interview?

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