‘Chicago Fire’ 10×09 Review: “Winterfest”

CHICAGO FIRE -- "Winterfest" Episode 1009
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  1. Jennifer says:

    You’re so right it doesn’t make sense that Stella would just stop communicating with Severide after what they went through last season of Kelly not talking to her and Yes chief boden has Stella phone number he could’ve called her himself. Plus I don’t understand why make Stella go through fighting to be a Lieutenant that she wants so badly for her not to get it and Yes Pelham is great for a temporary Lieutenant but it belongs to Stella. But I do think Pelham will have a hard time so I hear Pelham has heard a lot about Stella and how loved she is but when he finds out that the person that chief boden wants has a Lieutenant is her can’t wait to see how that going to go over plus I heard that Stella loves Truck 81 she is definitely going to have problems with him being the Lieutenant. And Pelham is trying to be friends with Severide but I can’t wait to see what going to happen when Pelham finds out that Serveride and Kidd is a couple. And now they make him the Lieutenant for now how is he going to handle knowing that kind of information

  2. Jessica L Callaway says:

    This kelly and Seager story is making me want to finally turn my back on this show. I have been a loyal watcher since the start and this woman trying to I dont know act like a man I guess and saying crap like “this is gonna happen” and Kelly just going with it seems like a truly dumb move for the writters. Nobody wants to see even a hint of him maybe cheating on Stella. Worst story line ever.
    I would rather see Stella have to leave the show for a minute because of girls on fire (if that’s what they are doing) than see her leave because Kelly becomes a bad guy and cheats on her.
    I hope they get rid of Seager. She is a horrible character and way to forward, it’s almost embarrassing to watch the writing for her.

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