‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×09 Review: “A Way Out”

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  1. Rich says:

    I think you need to abandon the idea of the team turning on Voight and deal with reality. Voight first appeared in Chicago Fire as a dirty cop who harassed Casey and was arrested for it. The producers were intrigued by the Voight character and audience response was such that Chicago PD was born. Rooting for Voight to be arrested is akin to watching the Shield and rooting for Vic Mackey to be arrested or watching the Sopranos and rooting for Tony to be arrested. You may ultimately get your wish, but it probably won’t be until the final season.

    The dynamic between Jay and Hank will be interesting. I think it’s safe to assume that there will be conflict between the two and Adam will also be involved at some point. You can not explore the “shades of grey” if everyone thinks the same way.

    I would have liked to see Jay and Hailey’s wedding as the Season 9 finale. We deserve to have one season finale with a happy ending instead of the carnage we always get. Could have been an opportunity to bring back Antonio and Rojas to give them proper endings. The actors have said that this wedding made sense for their characters as they are both private people and that makes sense. Plus both of Jay’s parents are dead and Hailey can’t stand her father (with good reason) Also, they got through this case their wedding represented a fresh start with the worst behind them. Though you are correct, Will should have been there.

  2. VulcanJohn1 says:

    I have been sitting here for hours reflection on the mid-season finale that Chicago PD gave us. It was a difficult episode to watch in many ways but I will focus primarily on the staining of Jay Halstead’s soul. Jay has walked the line before and each time it was for someone he cared for. First in season 5 episode 10 “Rabbit Hole” when he warned Camila Vega (his girlfriend) and almost lost himself trying to run from the grief of turning on a fellow service member and getting him killed. Next time was during season 6 episode 2 “Endings” when Jay disobeyed orders and protocol multiple times in an effort to get justice/revenge for his father’s death. In the end he made the right decision in both cases. However, now we have come to Season 9 Episode 9 “A Way Out” and Jay has made a choice that will inevitably alter his future forever. He had brushes with the line before however in this case he took a machete to the line and obliterated it entirely. Interestingly enough it was a man without a moral compass who continually tried to stop him from doing so, Hank Voight. Hank, and Antonio to a lesser extent have always had plans for Jay to become the leader of Intelligence that would be good and righteous, but I fear that is all in jeopardy now. Because once you step over the line it’s easier and easier to take one more step, then another, until you don’t even recognize where you were to begin with. That is how Hank became what he is today, a lesson Jay didn’t learn unfortunately. Jay turned his back on the law multiple times in this episode and resorted the blackmail to save Voight of all people! If it were Hailey I could get behind it, but she was safe if he had done the ethical thing and given Voight up. That is a Jay Halstead I didn’t know existed and I am sad that he was put in that position, but sadder still that he chose the “way out” he did. The character of Jay was one of my two favorite currently on TV (Thomas Magnum is the other) and I am not sure I know if I can continue to say that now. Also it tainted what should have been a joyous occasion that I have been waiting for the last 5 seasons (Jay & Hailey’s wedding). I hope that the writers can somehow put Jay back on the path of integrity, but I have a sinking feeling that the writers will dirty Jay up more before that. Also interesting is that Jay and Hailey both make dramatic relationship decisions after they commit crimes. Hailey asking Jay to marry her after killing Roy, and Jay doing the same after blackmailing North. Invariably one of them will do something else shady (most likely Jay) and as a consequence they will end up buying a house together or having a baby!

  3. Mary Ellen Abrams says:

    I think Halstead and Upton with rushing into marriage was wrong bc if u actually think about it, he has only loved one person and that was Erin Lindsay, the fact that Jay was so pissed at Hank and not Hailey was wrong bc they both made that decision, I hate the fact that Halstead and Hailey are married, they are ruining the show with them being together

  4. Emily says:

    Unlike the UpStead anti above, love is not a singular experience throughout your life. You experience different degrees of this and learn from them. At least the hope is that you do. Erin was a part of that experience for Jay. Being with someone, loving them, conflict, and ultimately leaving changes someone. If you stay trapped in the past, you will miss out on what’s coming. Life doesn’t stop because a relationship ends. You hurt, you cry, you heal and move forward. The Jay of seasons 1 to 4, is not the same for season 5 to 9. Experience, maturity, growth, evolve us as a person. People change people. The fact that so many see Erin as some poor spinster pining away in NY waiting for Jay, is just insulting. That woman, is living a good life where she wanted and more importantly chose to be. She didn’t ask him and he didn’t follow, so🤷🏼‍♀️

  5. Jane says:

    Did Jay ever get that divorce from the gal he married in Vegas before he knew Erin? Or bother to tell Haily he had been married as he didn’t tell Erin either? Can they work in same unit as marrieds? I don’t think the Walton biz is over. Now J n H as marrieds can claim spousal privilege. This answer with North was too easy. Whatever the writers have planned Voight has to stay. Already far too much cast turnover.

  6. Robert Craig Daliessio says:

    You have no effing clue about any of this. Voight IS this show. PERIOD. Voight is what every freaking cop SHOULD be. He’s a badass and a good guy. The day they write him out of the show is the day the show dies.

  7. VilcanJohn1 says:

    Me. Daliessio,

    Normally I try to be measured in my response to others because everyone has the right to their own opinion, we all have different life experiences that cloud are perceptions of the world. But for you to say that every cop should be like Voight, a dirty cop who was in prison and admits himself that he breaks the law…. You have issues that need to be addressed by a licensed professional. Law enforcement personnel are to be held to a HIGHER standard, not a lower one, and they definitely don’t have the right to break the laws they are entrusted with enforcing. The dirtbags scum who think that they are above the law are no better than the criminals they are supposed to be stopping and give all cops a bad name. Do you know how many interactions law enforcement has with the public on a daily basis? Yet it’s the few bad, ignorant, bigoted, low I.Q, jerks (I wanted to use another word) that slip through the hiring process that get all the press!!! Those are the guys YOU like, really??? Get help!!!

  8. Rich says:

    I agree with a lot of what Vulcanjohn has said about Jay. However, I don’t think that this episode means that Jay is changing. Remember, Jay told Hank “you are going to tell me the truth so that I can save you from yourself.” I envision there being a case where Hank will want to cross a line for the greater good and Jay will talk him out of it, which will annoy Ruzek and may create an issue between Jay and Adam. I also hope that to the extent Hank crosses lines, he becomes more creative in how he crosses lines like in Season 6, Episode 1 where he threatened to burn the drug dealer’s money; that was not by the book and violated the law and numerous police rules, but the drug dealer was not going to complain or do anything about it. I prefer a creative solution like that to “throw him in the cage.” I can also see a Season 9 final episode where Hank is at a cross roads with Kevin’s life in the balance (Kim and Hailey went through a lot in the season 8 final so I don’t think they would put them in jeopardy this year) or some other high stakes situation. Does Hank tell Jay the truth, if he does will Hank heed Jay’s advice?- would have the potential for an interesting cliff hanger. If Kevin was at risk, Adam could have some real heat with Jay. Add the CI that Jay doesn’t trust to this mix and it is a really combustible situation.

  9. Gail Marino says:

    I love the show but then it gets ruined right away with the love and marriage bit. Now what Hailey gets pregnant doesn’t tell Jay gets shot loses the baby. Save it for daytime TV. Yes I think Hank is a badass cop I love his idea of dealing with criminals that don’t talk. Also miss Jon Seda.

  10. Patricia Martinez says:

    In the very first episode, Voight tells his crew to always tell him the truth so he can lie for them. Jay is just changing that around a little.

  11. Rosetta Knight says:

    Voight didn’t kill that guy, Hailey did. He just covered it up. Over the seasons Voight has had to back Jay in his wrongdoings as well. I’m so sick of them trying to turn on Voight. Did Jay forget it was his trying to locate Voight that gave the FBI guy the body. I kept waiting for Jay to tell Voight how they located the body, but he never did.Hailey had a part in what happened too. Bring AL back.

  12. Nancy Vlachos says:

    Jay used to be a loving character, but his attitude has changed and he shows no respect fir Voight. This could have been written showing a meeting of the minds but still keeping the respect. His angry and frustrated faces are not believable. For this type of unit to run properly, respect among the characters and toward the boss is necessary. Very disappointed.

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